The Spanish company Realsec presents cybersecurity solutions for blockchain and IoT environments

The company announced a note published today on its official blog REALSEC announced the expansion of its product portfolio by two platforms for environments in blockchain and in the Internet of Things (IoT).

The new products of the company based in Spain They will also enable use in edge computing and space environments for the financial, banking, government, defense, and industrial sectors.

The solutions are called ARCAone and ARCAtwoAccording to the publication, this would enable the digital transformation of the above-mentioned sectors through the use of secure digital services, which according to the company are essential for the development of the processes.

The Spanish company Realsec presents cybersecurity solutions for blockchain and IoT environments
The Spanish company Realsec presents cybersecurity solutions for blockchain and IoT environments

ARCAone would be the platform that focuses on strengthening encryption in blockchains for regulated business environments. REALSEC points out that this product, which is based on the cryptography of the company’s certified HSMs, enables intelligent contracts to be executed with guaranteed security.

According to the company, the platform is ideal for use in cases where economic and financial transactions, validation of digital identities, traceability, digital signatures and the safekeeping of crypto assets are required.

On the other hand, ARCAtwo is the second robust hardware in the area of ​​cybersecurity for the IoT approach, edge computing space and blockchain technologyIt is recommended for less demanding markets in terms of regulation than for the financial markets, but with the advantages that its predecessor offers.

The platform enables encryption of data generated by IoT devices and authentication of the owner’s identity to prevent DDoS or phishing attacks with “HSM” certified cryptographic hardware.

REALSEC’s goal is that ARCAtwo can be used in smart city projects, factories, vehicles and smart homes with application in any IoT project.

In the appliance format, both platforms base their security on the encryption and signature algorithms and functions of Realsec’s HSM Cryptosec decaton. According to the company, the company offers the highest level of security and can be used in on-premise, cloud and hybrid cloud mode.

It is worth noting that the solutions announced by the Spanish company in cybersecurity, They are the result of the agreement with the Swiss technology ally Cysec.

Last October, Cointelegraph announced the alliance between the Swiss company Cysec and the Spanish company Realsec for the integration of Cryptosec decaton by Realsec on the security platform Cysec Arca.

Realsec is a European technology company with an international presence that was founded in Spain in 2001 The company develops encryption and signature solutions for the areas of banking, fintech, government, companies and payment methods.

The company is currently on its website, It is present on the five continents and has a strong presence in the markets of Mexico, the USA and SiNgapur. The headquarters and research and development center are located in Madrid and there are more than 100 allies worldwide.

After several years of presence and various projects in various countries in the region such as Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Panama …Realsec has managed to position itself as a strategic cyber security partner for the LATAM financial sectoras a financial HSM from REALSEC its star product.

They currently have a network of allies in Latin America who sell their products, which they manufacture -HSM- and cryptographic solutions in most countries in the region. The Spanish company’s customers in the region include several fintech companies that use the same cryptographic solutions as traditional banking to minimize their risks and protect their transactions.

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