The spaceship spaceship was tested three times in four hours

After the third test, aerospace company CEO Elon Musk said the same three completed without major issues.

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The spaceship spaceship was tested three times in four hours
The spaceship spaceship was tested three times in four hours

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The Companies American aerospace company, Spacexfired on his prototype spaceship, Spaceship, in which engineers and technicians loaded fuel and the Testing with the SN9 and its Raptor rocket engines, three times in less than four hours.

After the first of the three attempts, the founder and chief engineer of Spacex announced on Twitter: “Today in Spacex It’s about starting the practice Spaceship. The ship is held in place by massive pegs while the engines fire. “Later than the third test, Elon Musk assured that all three tests passed without relevant issues.

Image: @elonmusk via Twitter

The fact that they can be carried out quickly and without any significant inconvenience is a great achievement due to the maturation of terrestrial systems, hardware and procedures Spacecraft for the launcher of Spaceship by Spacex.

What is the purpose of these launch tests?

The businessman stated that the purpose is to get to a point where someone can “come in and go” Mars. While there is talk of a future plan, according to the sources, this company appears to be clearly moving in the direction of a strong launch system.

In the event that the data from this Wednesday’s engine tests are beneficial, chances are that the next step is for SN9 be effective and helpful. The Aerospace ship is already in a starting post and is now being checked by musk and his engineers for a “preparation” before the expected test flight at approx. 12.5 km, made very similar to the flight by ship SN8 In December. This time, the main purpose will be a successful landing, after the aforementioned has come to a fiery end at the point where it landed after a space trip that went smoothly and almost flawlessly.

Approval for the launch of the SN9 aerospace vehicle

The Federal Aviation Administration has authorized SpaceX to launch the SN9 spacecraft on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday from its locations near Boca Chica Beach in South Texas. In other words, there is the possibility of turning the SN9 over for a flight attempt this Thursday. However, there is major concern due to the high wind level which is expected to remain hostile until at least Saturday.

There are many cravings for Spacex conduct the flight SN9, since the assembly of the next prototype of Spaceshiphe SN10, in its location near the high bay. Possibly this ship would have blown up by the end of January as the company continues to insist on doing the activity as it has other prototypes in different states.

It is important to mention that the immediate goal is to demonstrate the ability Orbital flight of Spaceship. To do this, the company must first build and test a super-heavy rocket, the function of which would serve as the first phase of the spaceship. During this drastic test, an air and spacecraft launched into orbit is observed and then a decision is made as to whether it can safely return to Earth. A mixture of heat shield plates is used on the side facing its atmosphere and a complicated strategy that slows down and slows down. In the end, it is controlled.

In an interview published earlier this month, the President and Chief Operating Officer of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell, mentioned Ars that I saw that this orbital flight test was more likely to pass 2021.

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