The South Korean Minister of Justice resigns over a corruption scandal in his family


The South Korean Minister of Justice, Cho Kuk, on Monday presented his resignation alleging that his appointment just a month ago has become a drag on the government, due to the corruption scandal in which his family is allegedly involved.

The country's president, Moon Jae In, appointed Cho on September 9 to lead the reform of the Prosecutor's Office, an agency that has been accused of being susceptible to political pressure. At that time, the Prosecutor's Office investigated the financial investments of the minister's family and the admission of his children to the university, which sparked protests against him.

The South Korean Minister of Justice resigns over a corruption scandal in his family
The South Korean Minister of Justice resigns over a corruption scandal in his family

“I have decided that I should not be a burden to the president and the Government with my family affairs,” Cho said. “I think it is time to present my resignation so that the reform of the Prosecutor's Office is successfully completed,” he added. The president's political advisor, Kang Gi Jung, has confirmed that the decision to resign has been taken by the minister himself.

Cho has attended this Monday, before announcing his resignation, to a conference where he has presented some of the proposals to reform the Prosecutor's Office, such as closing some powerful investigation units accused of acting without the necessary supervision.

For his part, the president has apologized for the situation, as reported by the Yonhap agency, and has promised that he will carry out the reform of the Prosecutor's Office “until the end”, despite the resignation of Cho.

Prosecutors investigate the allegations of alleged documentary forgery by Cho's wife, Chung Kyung Shim, to help her daughter enter a medical school, to which are added the suspicions about the possible destruction of evidence by de Chung and the alleged collaboration of the minister in these crimes.

Cho's family is also investigated for a suspicious investment that would violate the ethics law that governs the work of officials. The accusations about the alleged favor treatment received by Cho's children to enter elite private universities in the Asian country are also investigated.

The controversy surrounding Cho, as well as the widespread discontent over the economic situation and stagnant diplomatic relations with North Korea, has caused Moon's acceptance to fall to the lowest record.

In the last survey, carried out to 2,502 people last week by the Realmeter company, it shows that only 41.4 percent of the population approves Moon's performance, the lowest results since he assumed the Presidency in 2017.

The company announced the results on Monday, which show how the number of people who reject Moon's performance has risen from 52.3 percent during the first week of October to 56.1 percent last week.

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