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The Simpsons screenwriter “admits” that the 2020 series predicted

May 8, 2020

Bill Oakley retweeted a scene from the series where Springfield people are angry that they don’t have a vaccine.

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The Simpsons screenwriter “admits” that the 2020 series predictedThe Simpsons screenwriter “admits” that the 2020 series predicted

“The Simpsons predicted it!” It has become such a common heading that it has become a meme. With this sentence, people explain that something that happened in the popular Matt Groening series manifested itself in real life.

One of the authors of the program this week Bill Oakley jokingly claimed that the residents of Springfield somehow they had predicted in 2020.

Oakley has a scene from episode 21 of season four titled ‘Margin in chains‘(‘Chained margin‘, in Spanish), in which city dwellers are affected by an Asian virus and are in front of Dr. Gather Hibbert’s clinic to request a vaccine. When the crowd gets angry, a truck tips over, hoping to find the cure, and then be attacked by a cloud of killer bees.

“‘The simpsons“You really predicted 2020,” wrote the author of the original tweet, to which Oakley replied, “I think we did it.”

This episode of The simpsons In 1993, went viral due to the similarity to the SARSCov2 coronavirus pandemic responsible for Covid-19 and the appearance of “killer” hornets in the United States.

Last week, Oakley argued in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter What The simpsons They don’t really predict anything and if something happens in real life it’s because of chance and because most of these episodes are very old and history repeats itself. “Most of these episodes are based on things that happened in the 60s, 70s, or 80s that we knew about,” said the author.

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