The shoe industry is looking for the dynamism of its companies by including blockchain technology in this sector

Experts on this topic met at the round table of the online blockchain CalzaTic, which was organized by FICCVAL, AVECAL and the Ministry of Sustainable Economy. In it, they highlighted the possibilities that blockchain technology can offer beyond its main applications in cryptocurrencies. They also agreed to use it in the footwear and fashion area to optimize relationships between representatives.

The Calzatic project launched by Avecal and Clavei tries to identify technological trends in the fashion and footwear sector. Among other things, with professional experts and relevant companies in the shoe industry, who contribute their knowledge on various topics.

Joaquin Marco de Avecal expressed his feeling of feeling comfortable and motivated when realizing this round table, which should include the blockchain. He emphasized that Avecal is a company that excels in growing within the industry. With this in mind, he specified that implementing this technology would “expect what comes”. This was noticed during the virtual meeting.

Blockchain visible and transparent

The shoe industry is looking for the dynamism of its companies by including blockchain technology in this sector
The shoe industry is looking for the dynamism of its companies by including blockchain technology in this sector

He also stressed the importance of this type of conference for the information of the blockchain technology sector, as it enables the creation of a distributed, synchronized system that is secure, respecting identity and data protection, is visible, transparent and was confirmed to be in the financial world works and has great potential for use in the fashion and shoe industry.

Blockchain technology offers both public and private organizations certain very interesting features that create new business models or even reinvent models that have been viewed as untouchable. In this sense, his skills in creating transparent and perfectly understandable systems are the main pillars for the redesign of this sector.

The managing partner of Institutional Relations of Clavei, Joaquín Garrido, affirmed that blockchain “is a technology that can boost business and give it new strength, as it modifies and speeds up the efficiency in many internal data management processes and the interrelation between them of the management process, without intermediaries between them ”. For his part, Joaquín Marcos from AVECAL emphasized the importance of introducing new technology and computer tools thanks to leading companies like CLAVEi, and stressed the importance of integrating blockchain technology so that it is useful for companies. “

Everyone who attended the meeting agreed on the great opportunities that blockchain offers for the future of the footwear sector. It must always be associated with the development of new technological tools that make it possible to optimize processes in the search for a higher level of usability and productivity.

CryptoKicks: Nike sneakers

During the round table, they also mentioned CryptoKicks, the sneakers from Nike. By purchasing these shoes, users can “unlock” these tokens and then associate them with unique owner IDs to confirm ownership.

The token is not only used to represent a digital shoe, but also to record the so-called genotype information of a digital shoe. This information therefore contains certain attributes, colors, styles, backgrounds, etc.

This patent debut could allow users to better control the origin of their shoes, but also shoe designs. Likewise, They assured that this technology will create considerable trust between both parties and create a feeling of trust on the part of the consumer and the supplier.

Counterfeit products that flood the market directly steal the benefits of established brands while reducing the quality of the items, thereby damaging the brand’s reputation. With the blockchain, manufacturers and designers can protect their brand from counterfeiting. For each element, its origin and property can be traced back to its origin. Counterfeit or replica products do not have an authentic chain of records and can therefore be easily disclosed.

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