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The SDS suspend their operations against the Islamic State due to Turkey’s offensive in northeastern Syria

October 10, 2019

WASHINGTON / BEIRUT, Oct. 9 (Reuters / EP) –

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS) have suspended their operations against the Islamic State jihadist group in Syria to respond to the military offensive launched by Turkey in the northeast of the Arab country, according to US and Kurdish sources.

“The SDS has stopped its operations against the Islamic State because it is impossible to carry out operations when you are being threatened by a large army north of the border,” Kurdish military sources have indicated.

Also, an official US source, who has spoken on condition of anonymity, has stated that the suspension of these operations has also had an impact on the training that Washington gives to the stabilization forces in Syria.

The SDS were the main ally of Washington in its fight against jihadists in the country and have branded “stab in the back” the decision of US President Donald Trump to give the offensive 'green light' and withdraw his troops from area.

During the day, Mustafa Bali, one of the SDS spokesmen, also denounced that the Turkish Army “has attacked the surroundings of Al Chirkin prison, where there are prisoners of Islamic State.”

“The place is where the most dangerous jihadists are,” he warned. The SDS have said in a brief statement that the attack has been executed “in an attempt by the Turks to open holes in the prison to free the terrorists.”

Bali has also pointed out that “when Turkey uses captured Islamic State fighters as a threat to Europe and the world, as it does now with Syrian refugees, we will remind those who entrusted Turkey with the management of the detainees that their complicit silence is the first reason behind it. ”

The SDS spokesman has thus made reference to Trump's words in which he pointed out that “Turkey will now be responsible” for the jihadists captured in the area, once it began its offensive.

“The United States will not take care of them for what could be many years and a great cost to the US taxpayer,” he said, before stressing that Washington “has pressured France, Germany and other European countries, where many combatants came from of captured Islamic State, who accept them back, but do not love them and have refused. ”

To date, the SDS are responsible for the management of several jihadist detention centers and their families – including the Al Hol camp – after the seizure of the 'caliphate' territories in Syria.