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The Scottish Justice postpones the decision that could force Johnson to request the extension of Brexit

October 9, 2019

The Government wants to hold an extraordinary session of Parliament on October 19


The main court of Scotland has postponed to October 21 the sentence that it planned to pronounce to resolve whether it obliges the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to request an extension of Brexit from the European Union if there is no agreement ratified before the 19th.

Anti-Brexit activists had asked the Scottish Justice for a specific opinion to force Johnson to comply with the law passed in September by the British Parliament and according to which the Government has no power to remove the United Kingdom from the community bloc at all costs.

A deputy involved in the case, Joanna Cherry, of the Scottish National Party (SNP), has been “delighted” on Twitter for the decision to postpone the sentence, “to give the prime minister time to fulfill the promise he made before the court “. “A victory for us and all our support,” he celebrated.

Johnson has always argued that he does not contemplate another date of departure other than October 31, therefore doubting his willingness to abide by the law or to undertake some kind of argument to circumvent his obligations. Among the options that are considered, is to accompany the mandatory letter of the extension with a second in which the Government would argue that such postponement is not necessary, according to the BBC.

The Executive, meanwhile, assumes that there are few options that there may be an agreement before the conclusion of the European Council next week – October 17 and 18 – and look at day 19, date on which he wants to hold a extraordinary session in the House of Commons. If there is an agreement, it will be the day when Parliament must rule on it to ratify or knock it down.