The ruling party reaches 37 voters in Chile, compared to 53 leftists and 48 independents

With 99.91 percent of the votes counted, the Chilean electoral service reported that the ruling right-wing coalition Vamos por Chile managed to get 37 voters on election day this Saturday, compared to the 53 votes from the left and the 48 independents that were elected .

Specifically, the Approval Dignity List has reached 28 elected voters and the Approval List another 25, while Vamos por Chile has lagged behind the 52 to be reached in order to reach a third of the 155 members that make up the Constituent Convention.

On the other hand, one of the surprises the day leaves behind is the popular list drawn up with 24 seats for the Convention, a coalition formed specifically for the elections that sums up much of the demands that have emerged from it social protest that broke out in the country in October 2019 and led to this very electoral process.

The ruling party reaches 37 voters in Chile, compared to 53 leftists and 48 independents
The ruling party reaches 37 voters in Chile, compared to 53 leftists and 48 independents

The composition of the convention is now being assessed to ensure equality and there are the same number of men as women, while another distinctive feature is that it includes 17 indigenous peoples, a fixed quota that they had already reserved.

After the first results on the night of this Sunday, on which the debacle of the ruling party had already been confirmed, President Sebastián Piñera was sharply self-critical, noting that “the citizens have sent us a clear and strong message to the government and to everyone traditional political forces: We do not respond adequately to the demands and wishes of the citizens and are challenged by new forms of expression and new leadership.

In this context, he called his ministers to a cabinet council this Monday at 5 p.m. (local time) to assess the results of election day, reports ‘La Tercera’.

After the elections, Chile is making progress in forming the Constituent Convention that will draft the new Magna Carta. As of Monday, “the electoral tribunal (Tricel) has a 30-day term in office” for the results of the elections, according to the current constitution, said the Under-Secretary of State of the General Secretariat of the Ministry of the Presidency, Máximo Pávez.

“As soon as the announcement of the candidacies and the qualifications of the candidacies have been transmitted, Piñera will have three days to convene the act of installing the first session of the Constitutional Convention,” Pávez said in detail on his Twitter account after a press conference

The first meeting of the Convention will take place 15 days after the publication of this decree. “If all deadlines are met,” the opening session should take place “around the first week of July”.

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