The RSK token rose 30% after the founder appeared on the “Respect the Pomp” podcast

RIF, the utility token for the RSK smart contract network, After the founder’s appearance on the January 13 issue of the Pomp Podcast, the price rose 30%. The profit corresponds to an increase of RIF market capitalization of $ 36M, most of which occurred in the past 12 hours.

RIF, short for “RSK Infrastructure Framework”, is the token that is used as a means of payment for decentralized infrastructure services that are operated under the RSK protocollike e-commerce solutions and network bridges. Services are purchased from a marketplace hosted on the Internet and created using the RSK protocol. This makes them interoperable between a number of smart contractable platforms like Ethereum and EOS.

During the one-hour interview, the founder of RSK and IOVLabs, Diego Gutierrez-Zaldivar, talked about the origins of his fascination with Bitcoin, the birth of RSK and IOVLabs, and why he is confident that 2021 will be a productive year for preparing Bitcoin infrastructure for mass adoption.

The RSK token rose 30% after the founder appeared on the “Respect the Pomp” podcast
The RSK token rose 30% after the founder appeared on the “Respect the Pomp” podcast

He also answered questions from listeners and commented on a number of hot topics, including Service provider censorship, DeFi, and what you thought should be the end game for developers in your industry.

“The first decentralized financial protocol is Bitcoin. The ultimate goal is to provide all financial services existing today in centralized models and to provide them in a decentralized manner between equals.”

Gutiérrez-Zaldivar praised Ethereum’s successes and reiterated his belief that Bitcoin should be the basis for developing smart contracts that run on decentralized networks.. His conclusion is based on six years of experience developing bridges to connect independent cryptocurrency platforms.

“I fully agree with the goals of Ethereum. Perhaps the main difference is that I think the bottom layer should be Bitcoin because you need a store of value that is as censorship resistant as possible and as neutral as possible. “

With a roadmap for RSK stretching more than a decade into the future, Gutiérrez-Zaldivar highlighted a long-term mindset for his company and firm hopes that one day it will be “an important protective layer for Bitcoin’s economy and infrastructure”.

Gutiérrez-Zaldivar believes RSK reflects the peak of advances in decentralized software and that in 2021 all the necessary components for the “Cryptosystems work just like fintech” are availablewith the final step to make the systems converge.

“These technologies have the potential to encompass half of the population who are now excluded from the financial system and therefore forever poor because they lack the resources to make progress and grow. That is why I think this is so relevant and why we do what we do. “

6th January Binance announced it will add support for RIF pairs. The price of RIF is currently up 40% since the beginning of the year.

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