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The Rio Negro Lottery expands the blockchain service with prizes for large quantities obtained in other products

August 9, 2020

The provincial authority has reported that it will expand the use of blockchain technology to five products in large quantities to certify the winners of these raffles.

The main prizes received in Patagonia Telebingo, Loto 5, Quini 6, Pozo de la Quiniela and Lotería Unificado will be validated and the decentralized certificates will be issued on the blockchain to reduce paper consumption and collaborate in the digitization process carried out by the institution.

The logs issued by disruptive technology enable the confirmation of the origin of the funds for the prizes obtained in gambling. At the same time, users can appear at any bank, notary or land registry to claim their prize, the property of which can be verified remotely by a third party.

The Rio Negro Lottery expands the blockchain service with prizes for large quantities obtained in other productsThe Rio Negro Lottery expands the blockchain service with prizes for large quantities obtained in other products

The Rio Negro lottery in Argentina announced in November 2019 that it would use blockchain technology together with OS Cityto provide more transparency about its processes and security for the information generated.

At the beginning of this 2020, the institute included the blockchain with the results in the results of the Quiniela Province raffles to ensure that the numbers are not corrupted and cannot be changed in the future.

Later, in February of that year, Luis Ayestarán, inventor of the Río Negro lottery, stated that the processes associated with the La Rionegrina draws would also be encrypted using the blockchain.

“We have to turn to the digital, because the world is already today. Today we will be working with Os City to include blockchain in the modernization process that our province has started as another element to provide security to the citizen that must be held accountable, ”Cointelegraph verified at the time.

Since then, the bank statement certificates have been available on the Río Negro Lottery website.

The use of blockchain in gaming is advancing

The use of blockchain technology in gambling is nothing new, especially in Latin America, where southern bowling countries like Argentina and Uruguay have already shown their implementation for fairer gaming.

Last February, university students from Uruguay used the blockchain as a platform for digital raffles for goods and services.

LaRifamos is a proposal on the initiative of students of systems engineering at the ORT University of Uruguay, which connects people who want to raffle a product with users who are interested in participating, with a high probability of winning due to the transparency of blockchain technology.

According to the creators, the story of a French woman who, in 2018, after she had not found a buyer to sell a castle through a competition system, motivated her to carry out the project.

Blockchain technology has recently become a phenomenon in various areas of the economy, driving innovation, promoting growth and adding value. The gaming industry is one of the best known of these sectors.

Video games are a use case that is driving real adoption of blockchain technology by bringing the incentive for the user to move from pure speculation to transactions on a blockchain platform. This drives innovation in development as well as consumer acceptance.

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