The Revolutionary Guard threatens “decisive” measures in the face of riots over rising fuel prices

Protestas en Irán contra la subida del combustible

Protests in Iran against rising fuel – VIA REUTERS / WANA NEWS AGENCY


The Revolutionary Guard of Iran has warned protesters on Monday that it will take “decisive and revolutionary” measures against any act of vandalism, in the context of recent protests over rising fuel prices.

The Revolutionary Guard threatens “decisive” measures in the face of riots over rising fuel prices
The Revolutionary Guard threatens “decisive” measures in the face of riots over rising fuel prices

In its statement, collected by the Iranian news agency Tasnim, the powerful agency has applauded those “vigilant” people who “have moved away” from those responsible for the riots and the “anarchists.”

Thus, it has emphasized the need to maintain “security, calm, unity and solidarity”, while reiterating that it will protect security and stability with the rest of the security agencies.

The president of Iran, Hasán Rohani, has condemned this Monday the “vandalism” in the framework of the protests. “Protesting is a legitimate right of citizens, but vandalism is something completely different,” he said.

In addition, the Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has supported the increase in fuel prices that has led to protests and blamed the country's opponents for “sabotage.”

Meanwhile, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Musavi has criticized US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for his support of protesters.

“The worthy people of Iran are very aware that these hypocritical statements do not contain sincere sympathy,” he said, before adding that “the actions of a group of anarchists and saboteurs who are supported by those who are like them are not in line with the conduct and behavior of the majority of the Iranian people. ”

“It is interesting that (Pompeo) shows sympathy with people who are under the pressure of economic terrorism in the United States,” he said, as collected by the Iranian television network Press TV. “He has explicitly said that the people of Iran must remain hungry until they fold to 'our demands',” he has settled.

The Iranian government announced Friday that the price of a liter of regular gasoline had risen to 15,000 rials (12.7 cents) and that the monthly ration for each private car would be set at 60 liters.

Likewise, all gasoline purchased in excess of said quota will cost 30,000 rials (around 20 euro cents) per liter. Fuel in Iran is heavily subsidized.

In response, hundreds of people protested took to the streets in cities like Mashhad, in the northeast, in the southeastern province of Kerman and the province of Juzestán, rich in oil, according to Iranian media, to protest against the increase and against rationing. of it in some parts of the country.

The head of the Iranian Planning and Budget Organization, Mohamad Baqer Nobajt, said after the announcement that the proceeds will go to additional subsidies for 18 million needy families, that is, around 60 million people.

“The government has made only two price corrections (of fuel) in the last six years,” he said, before adding that “experts say that if gasoline is rationed and its price adjusted, consumption is controlled.”

Despite its large energy reserves, Iran faces problems to meet domestic fuel demand due to sanctions and low refining capacity.

The United States again applied sanctions against Tehran after the country's president, Donald Trump, withdrew in May 2018 from the nuclear agreement reached in 2015.

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