The reopening of shopping centers in CDMX begins

This week began the reopening of shopping centers and other facilities in the capital of the country. In addition to strict hygiene measures, 10,000 police officers were deployed to protect citizens.

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The reopening of shopping centers in CDMX begins
The reopening of shopping centers in CDMX begins

After the “Activate Without Risk” program was advertised, the reopening of shopping centers in CDMX finally began on Tuesday, February 9th. The previous announcement was made by Eduardo Clark, who serves as the government director general of the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP).

Due to the fact that the area is still at the red light, strict hygiene measures have been put in place for the reopening. In addition, a total of 10,000 police officers from the capital have been deployed, who will be responsible for maintaining order and ensuring the integrity of the citizens. The places where there will be more police attention will be Buenavista Forum, La Rosa Square, La Viga Square, Polanco Pavilion, amongst other things.

What are the measures to reopen shopping malls?

Image: Polanco Pavilion via Instagram

According to Eduardo Clark, the use of face masks is mandatory in shopping malls and department stores. Another essential requirement will be the registration of customers and employees via the QR system implemented in Mexico City (to monitor the eviction of people infected with COVID-19).

According to Clark, those responsible for these facilities have committed to testing 20% ​​of their suppliers every week. With regard to fast food areas, it was noted that they can also resume operations while they are outdoors.

In addition, the maximum length of stay per customer is half an hour (it is also recommended to limit access to one person per family). It’s worth noting that the facilities must be open Tuesday through Sunday (they are not allowed to open on Mondays) and have permission to provide 24-hour service. Likewise, the influx of people must remain at 20% of the total capacity.

Legal proceedings continue to allow gyms and cinemas to reopen


The CDMX Union of Gyms, Coaches and Sports Areas announced that this sector will demonstrate again this Wednesday February 10th. The aim is to approve the reopening of the gyms, as a statement by the National Chamber of Gyms and Sports Clubs ensures that these rooms will help fight COVID-19.

The cinemas, for their part, have also remained closed due to the red light. It is for this reason that the National Chamber of the Film Industry has already issued an open letter asking the authorities to reconsider the closure of these facilities, as in addition to the large source of employment associated with it, it emphasizes that it is in places of low risk thanks to places of low risk the low social interaction and the continuous ventilation of the rooms.

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