The reason why LinkedIn direct messages are your new best sales tool

It may seem strange at first, but it can lead you to establish those relevant connections that you were missing.

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The reason why LinkedIn direct messages are your new best sales tool
The reason why LinkedIn direct messages are your new best sales tool

It's true: sending cold requests can give you chills. We are exposed to so many emails and cold messages during the day that sending one makes us feel that we are going backwards. However, more and more businesses give credit for their massive success to the cold LinkedIn messages.

As long as the message is well designed, well written and positioned to reach the right person, LinkedIn messages can have a much greater return on investment than other traditional forms of marketing, such as digital ads. And even better: those on LinkedIn usually have money to spend, as a recent study found that the average salary of a LinkedIn user is $ 75,000.

If all this does not convince you, consider these four other reasons why LinkedIn messaging is a very unexplored sales route.

1. It is a direct line towards decision makers

There is nothing worse than spending time trying to make a sale and then realize that the person you have been convincing is not the person who makes the decisions in the company. Of course they may already be convinced that your company needs your product or service, but this could easily be lost when communicating it to the real decision maker.

The LinkedIn marketing blog indicates that 61 million of the users of this platform are managers in the Fortune 500 and another 40 million are decision makers in their companies. That is a great sea of ​​very big fish.

2. Open conversation with prospects casually

Matt Young, founder of Realply, specializing in LinkedIn messaging, shares one of the most relevant reasons why this system is so effective: it's casual. “We have discovered that trust is established much faster when the conversation feels light and casual, as if they were meeting at a happy hour rather than a formal setting,” writes Young. “In addition, it is connected to your profile, which humbly shows your qualities and achievements. Create the perfect balance between credible and casual. ”

3. It is faster than an email

You have two messages waiting for you to answer them, one is a cold email in your inbox, and the other is a cold message waiting for you on your LinkedIn messages. If you are about to run away, which one are you most likely to answer? Most likely, it is the LinkedIn message, because doing so is much faster and no formalities are needed in this chat format.

In addition, response times remain fast because the average user is usually on LinkedIn. Recent statistics found that an average user spends 10-20 minutes a day on the site.

4. It can be done to scale

Finally, many LinkedIn users feel that messages are much easier to handle and scale than other contact formats. Whether 10 cold calls take more than an hour, 10 LinkedIn messages (taking into account the time it takes to customize each message) can take just 20 minutes. Not to mention that it is much easier to go from one message to another on this network, which means that you can have several sales conversations at the same time.

So if you still don’t try LinkedIn messaging for your business, it’s time for you to do it. More and more business owners are convinced of the power of LinkedIn to increase their sales and take advantage of their impressive user statistics.

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