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The project of this entrepreneur seeks to create communities

March 24, 2020

Eduardo Berjano developed Tothem a co-living focused on amenities that develop a healthy coexistence.

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The project of this entrepreneur seeks to create communitiesThe project of this entrepreneur seeks to create communities

Eduardo Berjano defines himself as a restless person always in search of innovation. The young man is a real estate developer with many years of experience in the construction sector and while finishing one of his projects and researching the latest trends in this market, he came across the concept of co-living. Thus Tothem was born.

“Tothem is a real estate project based on supporting heritage in innovative Real Estate that not only brings benefits for users but also for investors,” explains Eduardo Berjano in an interview for in Spanish.

This initiative is a co-living, that is, a concept where people with interests at the end live in communities of shared spaces.

“We are projecting the concept of Tothem to the creation of a community with activities for young people who are going to succeed in creating bonds and parenting things in this sense,” says Berjano.

Photo: Courtesy of Tothem

The first development is located in Lomas de San Ángel Inn in Mexico City, which will have a capacity of 17 apartments and 70 private residences. Likewise, it will have different amenities, such as: a study area, food truck on the terrace, a street art corridor, laundry, media room, among others.

“We are going to have a community host that is going to be on the lookout for the amenities to be well managed with respect to schedules. For example, in the media room , an area where they are going to be able to watch movies and they are going to be able to be doing activities, ”he says.

Likewise, he adds that it is sought that everyone can live together, the spaces will not necessarily be separated by a group of friends, but activities that integrate different people will be organized.

Breaking schemes

This project began with an investment ” friends and family ” and the participation of private banks that reached just over 90 million pesos, according to Berjano.

When the young entrepreneur and his team approached the architects and asked them to develop a building with specific characteristics, they asked them for the land where it should be. However, Berjano encouraged them to invent the terrain to obtain a design thought for the user.

“The normal way of developing and especially in Mexico is still to give the land to the architect and he starts to design, this means that he does not think much of the user since they first see the land and work according to what fits in that space. We broke that and said to see first, believe me something and then I will adapt it to the terrain that I consider to be appropriate. ”

Photo: Courtesy of Tothem

“We think of everyone”

This venture will offer accommodations between 9,000 and 11,000 pesos that include Internet services, laundry, shared kitchen for five rooms, electricity, water, gas, private bathroom and the characteristics mentioned above.

“If you add rent and other expenses that you can have in an apartment with roomies , living in a co-living scheme represents an interesting saving,” explains Berjano.

Also, they are looking for private investors, people who buy the apartments which range from 4 to 7 million pesos. Under this scheme, Tothem will rent the spaces to the owners in order to sublet them.

“We offer investors a guaranteed return of more than 8%, which could increase up to 15% through the operation of the lease without them having to worry about periods of unemployment, tenant selection or maintenance costs,” he says.

Creating communities

This project is committed to creating a community of young people, students and professionals, in this way they will seek that their next units have strategic locations for these groups within Mexico City.

In this context, Berjano shared the key to create a community in any business area.

“Look for common themes, observe and study trends about what people want or what your audience wants and start to grow around those concepts, in this way you will be taking the first step to create a community”, culminates.

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