The project funded by the USM of Chile includes the use of technologies such as blockchain

The Technical University Federico Santa María USM in Valparaíso, Chile, announced the launch of the USM News on August 3rd International seminar on digital transformation, in which boom topics in technology such as cybersecurity and blockchain are dealt with.

Your first interactive online chat “How to live agile in the context of digital transformation”Will be held through weekly webinars between August and November this year.

The project funded by the Institute of Computer Science at the Federico Santa María University of Technology It started on August 4th at 4:15 p.m.With the participation of Danilo González, Vice President of Scotiabank Chile, and later the first seminar begins with the title: “How to live agile in the context of digital transformation”, by Roberto Moraga, Lean Business Agility Transformation Coach at Tata Consultancy Services, which is broadcast every week on the official online channel.

The project funded by the USM of Chile includes the use of technologies such as blockchain
The project funded by the USM of Chile includes the use of technologies such as blockchain

The seminars are an alliance of various educational centers and institutions at the Latin American level and are accessible to anyone interested in the topics to be discussed at each meeting The invitation is primarily aimed at students, professors, specialists and researchers from the fields of computer science, computers, systems and areas at the ends of the various universities, research groups that are linked to the personal proposal of companies.

Within the educational conglomerate that makes up this academic alliance, the Federico Santa María Technical University, Chile, is leading this innovation project, followed by the EAFIT University, Colombia. University of Medellin, Colombia; Research group: Innovation in Information Technology, Colombia; Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, Ibarra Office, Ecuador; Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador; Universidad de los Andes, Venezuela; and the red tepuy.

Digital transformation: accessible to everyone

“This activity is completely free for participants and provides an excellent opportunity to improve a variety of skills as companies have to adapt to the changing needs of their customers and the professional challenges of new generations of professionals.” This was stated by USM News, Franklin Rivas, professor and deputy director for environmental engagement of the USM IT department and coordinator of the event.

Each digital broadcast has a duration between 40 and 45 minutes, with participants using an instant chat You will have the opportunity to talk about the boom in technological areas such as cybersecurity, blockchain technology and agile development methods. They also have the opportunity to answer questions that are relevant to specialists and experts from the companies Scotiabank, Tata Consultancy Services, IBM, Globant AlquimiaSoft, Everis, Accenture and Zinobe, who put questions to the fore in projects. They develop innovative technologies that they use, enrich and have successful experiences.

After transmission through the online channel, each presentation will be publicly registered by means of a video and distributed via the social networks and websites of the various university institutions, research groups and companies involved in the draft.

Why is digital transformation necessary?

The digital transformation is the answer to various reasons or situations. This can lead to a competitive advantage that helps to stay ahead of the competition or to establish a more effective scenario in the face of poor results or poor efficiency; On the other hand, this need for transformation is related to the ability to adapt to customer behavior. All these variants are united under the idea of ​​creating a more efficient context with maximum performance.

In this sense, the professor at the University of Medellín, Colombia, María Clara Gómez, expresses:

“… We hope that this collaboration that we have achieved is a very important learning opportunity for members of all participating universities and all those who are interested in learning about digital transformation,” he concluded.

Scotiabank and USM

Scotiabank, a leading bank in America, has partnered with Federico Santa María University to develop this digital transformation program. It is estimated that at least 6,000 students participate in this program. This company will invest USD 1,250,000 in favor of these students.

During these five years The program will also establish a variety of practical initiatives such as hackathons, end projects and student internships in the areas of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and data analysis.

“We are very proud of our academic alliance with Federico Santa María University, one of the most recognized academic institutions in the country’s engineering and technology sciences. We hope to further develop digital innovation and to increase the participation of women in the important areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in Chile, ”said Ignacio (Nacho) Deschamps. Group Director, International Banking and Digital Transformation of Scotiabank, in an interview for AmCham Chile.

This important company’s contribution to academic institutions aims to broaden and highlight the powerful impact of digital technologies on society, drive brilliant minds, and ensure they acquire the skills necessary to succeed in the digital economy.

As part of this global initiative, Scotiabank has formed academic alliances with other world-class institutions, including: Queen’s University, the University of Toronto, Western University and the University of Waterloo.

Further preparation in Disruptive Technologies

The world is changing rapidly and the times after the pandemic seem to be a new challenge for all higher education institutions that are supposed to develop new talents who care about the future destiny of the world we know.

With the entry into disruptive technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, it is imperative that more events of this type take place in Latin America, such as those advertised at the USM in Chile.

The new generations of specialists must be at the forefront and be able to cope with the new challenges and the technological challenges they will have to face in their future professional field. Organizations are aware of the upcoming digital transformation that they need to undertake not to be left behind in this new technological career that employs professional and skilled workers to ensure the digital leap that today’s world demands.

It’s because of that This type of initiative is undoubtedly a great opportunity to enrich everyone’s general knowledge and each of those who are involved in the digital transformation of the coming new world.

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