The Products of PayPro for Your Future

Bank has become one of the human discovery products have completely transformed the human lifestyle. The variety of facilities offered by banks ranging from saving, sending money, providing loans, offering insurance, offeringinvestment, and many other facilities are very useful for everyday human needs. But human mobility every day is always growing. Nowadays people have been reluctant to spend much time in bank just to make a transaction, and then banks present some features that can be accessed online through their computer device and smartphone. But again humans are always demanding more until a man named Satoshi Nakamoto had invented digitalproducts called bitcoin which later became the basis of the formation of blockchain. The presence of blockchain made the digitalworld increasingly crowded and made many people want to earn money virtually. Blockchain ensure the security of transactions that are considered impossible to be hacked, make it much favored by miners.

In addition to Bitcoin there are several popularcryptocurrencies has made such as lite coin, ripple, ethereum, etc. Ethereum is one of the cryptocurrencies that brings Smart Contract as its concept. With Smart Contract any transaction performed by the user will be automatically executed by computerized protocol which has been programmed with certain mathematical algorithm. Smart Contract will be able to remove the involvement of third parties in transactions made by the user.

The decentralizedsystem of Smart Contract will certainly take a very important part of today’s human life even in the future and the presence of PayPro as a decentralizedplatform will be able to answer every human need. PayPro will be a platform that allows users to manage all their crypto assets from storing the cryptocurrencies, loans and investments. The feature will be realized in a new generation of Wallet.

The Products of PayPro for Your Future
The Products of PayPro for Your Future

The main currency of the PayProproduct is a token which soon to be called PYPs. Users can use the PYPs for doing transactions and can be converted into other currencies. In addition the Ethereumminers will also be able to store at least 100 of the most commonly used currenciesaccording to the volume of transactions per day. Currently, for starters on the concept that will be applied to the PayProplatform, the team has developed an iOS app which users can use to store BTC.

In addition to Wallet, PayPro will become a marketplace that facilitates the suppliers to offer their services to users. The services will be provided in the form of loans or credits to investments. To purchase the service, users can use PYPs token. The way it works is for example when a userwants to invest in a crowdfunding platform, he has to search for the crowdfunding, choose the campaign, then he must make a payment on the PYPs, and finally he will get a tokens stored in place of PayPro.

With the Smart Contract system, PayPro guarantees that all transactions conducted by users with all available platforms/ suppliers will be safer and more efficient. Suppliers will be assessed by ratings given by users, so suppliers with good ratings will be seen at the recommendation column and the bad ones will be ruled out. By applying the rating system, PayPro hopes the system will always be focused on users. So, are you ready for PayPro?

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