The prime minister of Afghanistan says he has won the presidential elections in the first round

MADRID, 30 Sep. –

The Prime Minister of Afghanistan, Abdulá Abdulá, said Monday that he has won the presidential elections held on Saturday in the country and stressed that “there will not be a second round.”

“We have received the highest number of votes in the elections, which will not go to the second round,” he said, before stressing that “the population has voted against dictatorship and discrimination.”

The prime minister of Afghanistan says he has won the presidential elections in the first round
The prime minister of Afghanistan says he has won the presidential elections in the first round

Thus, he has stressed that he and his team will be responsible for forming the new Government and has ruled out beforehand that he will resort to the formula adopted in 2014 between himself and the current president, Ashraf Ghani.

Then, Abdulá denounced irregularities in the victory of Ghani in the second round, which resulted in a political crisis that was only resolved after the United States mediated for a pact in which Ghani acceded to the Presidency and Abdulá remained as prime minister.

“The situation in 2014 was different. We were the ones that won then. Now we are in 2019 and I announce, again, that we will only accept the votes,” he said, as reported by the Afghan television network Tolo TV.

Abdullah has also recognized that participation has not been as expected and has advanced that all officials responsible for irregularities in the elections will have to face the consequences.

Immediately after the words of Abdulá, the head of the Secretariat of the Independent Electoral Commission (CIS), Habib-ur-Rahman Nang, stressed that candidates have no right to announce their “victory” and that it is the body that publishes the results.

Hours before Abdulá's announcement, a total of six of the thirteen candidates who attended the elections had announced that they will not recognize the results of the elections held on Saturday, citing low participation and denouncing numerous irregularities.

The Independent Electoral Commission (CIS) said Sunday that up to 2.2 million Afghans have participated in the voting of the elections, out of a total of 9.67 million registered voters.

Maulana Mohamad Abdulá, one of the CIS commissioners, explained on Sunday that there are still many polling stations to be counted, as 3,736 of the 4,756 centers have reported, Afghan press reports.

Likewise, almost 800 centers must still report participation. In another 200 polling stations the situation is not clear. The figure is far from the seven million voters of the 2014 elections.

The agency has also confirmed that on Saturday a total of 2,275 complaints had been received for alleged irregularities during the vote, as reported by the local television channel 1TV.

In this context, candidates Ahmad Uali Masud, Abdulatif Padram, Inayatulá Hafiz, Shahb Hakimi, Nur Rahman Leual and Mohamad Hakim Torsan have already announced that they will not recognize the results announced by the CIS.

There will be no official results until at least October 17 and the final results are scheduled for November 7. If no candidate achieves 50 percent of the votes there will be a second round that will face the two most voted candidates.

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