The price of Unibright (UBT) increases after corporate-level partnerships and the addition of DeFi stakes

As Bitcoin (BTC) and Etheruem (ETH) gain legitimacy in key financial circles, which will ultimately help digital currencies become mainstream, projects that offer enterprise-level blockchain solutions are also drawing the attention of the corporate sector and asset class yourself.

To be sold as one of the next technological advances that will revolutionize today’s digital landscape and usher in a new era of decentralization, businesses and companies have already shown keen interest in how blockchain technology can be integrated into their operations to make money save and increase efficiency.

One project focused on enterprise-level blockchain solutions is Unibright (UBT), which rose more than 350% in 2021 from $ 0.39 on Jan. 1 to a historic high of $ 1.72 on Jan. February rose. .

4-hour chart for the UBT / USD pair. Source: TradingView
The price of Unibright (UBT) increases after corporate-level partnerships and the addition of DeFi stakes
The price of Unibright (UBT) increases after corporate-level partnerships and the addition of DeFi stakes

Three reasons for the recent drop in prices at Unibright (UBT) are the launch of the Baseledger business solution, reputable partnerships that have proven themselves in the real world, and the increased trading volume generated by DeFi integrations and the start of Token. be withdrawn from circulation.

Blockchain for businesses needs data protection

Unibright was originally developed with the aim of bringing blockchain technology and contracts to the corporate sector by providing enterprise-level solutions that address the privacy needs of companies that cannot do all of their operations in a public ledger.

The project is part of the Baseline Protocol, an open source initiative that aims to connect traditional systems and notarise data on public backbones such as Ethereum (ETH). It does this by combining advances in cryptography and messaging with blockchain to offer secure and private business processes at a low cost.

On February 25th, Unibright released A whitepaper for Baseledger that is described as offering a “council-managed public blockchain” using a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism that provides “low and fixed costs, high and guaranteed throughput, privacy compliance, multiple chain coordination, and off enables chain integration through design. “

According to the project website, companies will use UBT tokens to access blockchain-based business integration products, and employees can use the token to receive rewards for working on the network, such as: B. for the operation and provision of nodes.

Associations indicate growing demand

Unibright’s recent partnerships and integrations have also been optimistic, as well-known companies like Coca-Cola are now looking to incorporate blockchain solutions into their extensive supply chains.

On February 23, it was announced that CONA Services had signed a partnership with Salesforce for real-time monitoring. CONA Services offers IT services for all Coca-Cola suppliers and bottlers. It was also announced that the company partnered with Unibright in August 2020 to develop blockchain enterprise applications that will create a “Coca-Cola Port”.

In Coca-Cola’s latest call-to-profit, President and CEO James Quincey outlined how his bottling investment group has helped further improve operating margin performance.

Integrating with companies like Salesforce and Coca-Cola gives you access to a broader market as more companies learn how implementing blockchain can help lower operating costs and improve efficiency.

Record trading volume and exposure to DeFi

UBT’s trading volume rose from an average of $ 3 million per day to over $ 18 million on February 19 as the price hit a new all-time high the first time advancement on the upcoming publication of the Baseledger whitepaper.

After the initial increase, the trading volume fell to a daily average of USD 5 million, which is, however, significantly higher than in the previous weeks.

UBT has also benefited from integration with popular decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, and recently became added for the QuickSwap exchange a layer 2 DEX based on polygon (MATIC).

UBT was up 40% after listing QuickSwap on February 28th. Now that more and more tokens are being phased out and locked into DeFi’s liquidity pools, investors are expecting prices to continue to surge.

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