The president of Zimbabwe reveals that Mugabe died of cancer


The former president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe died from cancer and after doctors suspended the chemotherapy he was undergoing, as revealed by the president of the African country, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mugabe, 95, died on September 6 in Singapore, without the family or the Government clarifying the causes of his death and after years of rumors that he suffered from prostate cancer.

The president of Zimbabwe reveals that Mugabe died of cancer
The president of Zimbabwe reveals that Mugabe died of cancer

Mnangagwa has argued during an act in New York that “the treatment had been stopped.” “The doctors stopped the treatment, the chemotherapy, due to their age since the cancer had spread and (chemotherapy) was no longer helpful,” he added.

He also said that Mugabe “would have returned home, but the family said they wanted to stay (in Singapore)”, as picked up by the official Zimbabwean newspaper 'The Herald'.

Mugabe, who ruled the country for almost four decades since the independence of the United Kingdom in 1980, was forced to resign in November 2017 by a military coup d'etat that raised Mnangagwa to power.

After leading the country when he became independent from the United Kingdom 1980, Mugabe was praised as an African liberating hero and a defender of racial reconciliation but was later criticized and denounced for becoming an authoritarian leader willing to send death squads to end his enemies. politicians, in addition to rigging elections to stay in power and leave the country in a serious economic situation.

In recent months, the former leader remained long periods of hospitalized in Singapore. For years there has been speculation about the possibility of suffering from prostate cancer, which is why he made periodic trips to a hospital in the Asian country.

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