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The president of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina warns of trends towards totalitarian ideas from Covid-19

April 24, 2020

The president of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, Rodolfo Andragnes, confirmed that the crisis scenario for the coronavirus Covid-19 reveals a certain “flirt with totalitarianism”.. This was his opinion in a column published in the Argentine newspaper Ámbito on April 13.

“Today, with the coronavirus on the doorstep of every home, its patients and deaths, Thinking about the size of the action taken or the social and economic impact seems secondary to our relentless war against an invisible enemy“Said Andragnes.

“And it is so There is a great similarity in what we live with war today, both inside and outside of our homes. There are plenty of examples: TV and cell phones provide us with propaganda that alludes to the union and the soldiers who struggled with their lives if we were only asked to interfere. We eagerly read the number of wounded and dead in each country and compare them to our fallen to see if we are better or winning. We even fight prevention protocols inside and outside the home. We fervently support those at the forefront who are our doctors and essential service providers, for whom we pray and even dispose of our 3D printers, and donate time and resources to the cause, “he added.

The president of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina warns of trends towards totalitarian ideas from Covid-19The president of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina warns of trends towards totalitarian ideas from Covid-19

Then he added that too New taxes are created to bear the cost of the war, and field hospitals are established. In addition, all providers of sanitary or tourist accommodation must serve the fallen.

The warning came with these words in the column of opinion: “Given the vastness of the battle and the strength of the invisible enemy today, it seems that everything is valid and nothing is enough, therefore people accept without question and for the “common good” the restriction of their rights and the submission of constitutional guarantees. For the same reason, questioning one of these measures, their size or their secondary effects is frowned upon in several intimate areas or is even of little relevance to public opinion. In this way, we validate exclusion and punishment equally for all realities and needs, however different they may be, based on a misunderstanding of those who value and defend the restriction comfortably from home and the economy and who unconsciously seek punishment from those who do not Economic resources need to go to work to save their lives and their own and to bring food to your table. In this way, the ruler is “praised” because he takes on the role of the provider and distributes “fair” punishment to everyone with one hand, while offering food and benefits with the other. “

“But there are more than enough cases to understand that wars in which people persuade themselves to fight (fueled by government propaganda) are also used as an excuse to unite a country and feed the drug into the power becomes the rulers, a drug that, like everyone else, is difficult to give up and has long-term ramifications. Wars that form the basis for some of humanity’s greatest mistakes and abuses, “he said.

With that in mind, the Covid-19 isn’t the only invisible enemy for Andragnes. “Cases like the one in Peru and Lithuania, where security officials are given the freedom to kill everyone on the street; Europe and several Asian countries that implement invasive tools to track cellphone movements and evaluate personal interactions that could spread the corona virus, the “disappearance” of those who are telling the truth in China, the monetary overemission of the United States or even Argentina with the public impalement by individuals and business people who dare to defend their freedom, through government and cyber patrols, and more other cases that show us that the other big enemy is abuse of power in times of crisis, “he stressed.

For the president of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina “this scenario flirts with totalitarianism”. So he wrote in Scope that it was a “distant but likely nightmareespecially when totalitarian countries silence the divergent voices that tell the truth to show the world the success of their policies; it gives way to excessive measures and reduces the required analysis; Veiling and deception, because society as a soldier thinks and obeys what it says without thinking too much, because that’s the only way to wage war. “

He also pointed out: “Although the battlefield in each city was different, more receptive to foreigners or events, with higher age rates, different health structures or population densities, the same measures will be justified for everyone, and the failures of some will be used to ensure success to improve others even though they fought different battles. ”

In conclusion, however, he made it clear: “These words are not meant to deny the need to act and defend ourselves against the first enemy. They invite us to act with greater awareness of differences and not to forget or voluntarily fall into the hands of an even more dangerous enemy“”

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