The President begins a new consultation process to fulfill the mandate to form a government in Israel

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin launched the consultation process on Wednesday to hand over the mandate to form a government to a second person after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s unsuccessful efforts to assemble the new executive branch.

Netanyahu confirmed in the early hours of Wednesday that after his term ended at midnight, he had failed to reach an agreement, backed by the parliamentary majority that emerged from the March MPs. The fourth took place in a little over two years.

For this reason, Rivlin has launched a new round of contacts that began with meetings with the leaders of Yesh Atid and Yamina, Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett, while the leaders of the other parties of their candidates notify you before 2:00 a.m. (local time) .

The President begins a new consultation process to fulfill the mandate to form a government in Israel
The President begins a new consultation process to fulfill the mandate to form a government in Israel

The Director General of the Israeli Presidency, Harel Tubi, has sent a notice to the Formations, stressing that “if other clarifications are required, the President will consider inviting representatives of his party to present their position in a timely manner included in the law “.

Although Rivlin has until Friday to reassign the mandate, sources for The Jerusalem Post have indicated that he could do so this Wednesday, with Lapid being the main favorite, especially after seeing support for the Nueva Esperanza party has received led by Gideon Saar.

For his part, Bennett declared on arrival at Rivlin’s residence that “with God’s help a good government will be formed,” amid information of a possible agreement with Yesh Atid’s leader to avoid the country holding a fifth election .

This rapprochement led Yamina MP Amichai Chikli to say he was “against a government with the left” referring to Lapid, to which the party replied that it “respected” his position, despite the “determination” “influenced the formation. form an executive.

“Yamina is determined to do everything in its power to establish a stable and functioning government to avoid worsening the chaos of a fifth election, and it will do so,” said the right-wing party, as reported by the Israeli one Newspaper reports. Yedioth Ahronoth ‘.

Both Yamina and Nueva Esperanza, both right-wing parties, have refused to be part of a Netanyahu-led executive. Bennett was ‘Bibis’ minister until his dismissal due to disagreement, and Saar founded Nueva Esperanza after being defeated by Netanyahu in a Likud area code.

The Prime Minister attempted a last-minute deal with Yamina on Tuesday by proposing Bennett as Prime Minister in a rotation agreement in which he would later take office again, albeit only with the support of the party that did not have enough to rule out that path to achieve a workable pact.

In addition, the Likud sought to speed up legislation that would allow a direct election of the prime minister without further parliamentary elections, which would allow him to retain the position, which also failed to bear fruit in the Knesset, the name of the Israeli parliament.

‘Bibi’ himself advocated a “direct election” to elect the next head of government at the end of April. “I want to get to the point where we are forming a right-wing government, and the way to do this without being dependent on one political group or another is through direct elections,” he said, a proposal that was rejected by the opposition.

In the event that Rivlin hands over the mandate to a second politician, he has 28 days to try to form a government. If he doesn’t succeed, the president could open a 21-day deadline during which any MP could try to forge an agreement that would lead to an executive branch.

If this last road were to be unsuccessful, Parliament would have to resume its dissolution and the calling of new elections. The country has been in political instability since the collapse of the executive branch in late 2018, as elections took place without clear or sustainable majorities.

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