The Polisario Front reaffirms the crisis with Morocco “It has nothing to do with it” with the welcome to Ghali

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The Polisario Front reaffirms the crisis with Morocco “It has nothing to do with it” with the welcome to Ghali
The Polisario Front reaffirms the crisis with Morocco “It has nothing to do with it” with the welcome to Ghali

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The delegate of the Polisario Front in Spain, Abdulah Arabi, has urged that the measures be separated from “print” Adopted by Morocco on migration with the admission of Brahim Ghali who continues “recover” in a hospital in Logroño and who could, at least for the moment, leave the country as soon as he is released. “You have nothing to do”Has underlined.

Ghali came to Spain in April to recover from the aftermath of coronavirus infection. The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs then claimed that it had consented to the transfer through “Humanitarian reasons”This led to several statements of condemnation from Rabat that finally hardened the pulse and allowed thousands of migrants to be brought to Ceuta within two days.

“The humanitarian admission (of Ghali) has nothing to do with what is happening”Arabi led in a statement to Europa Press in which he pointed this out “Contexts mix” with the sole aim of generating “confusion” in public opinion about what his opinion is “a bilateral problem”.

With that in mind, he pointed it out “It is a situation that no longer exists these days”, but “has shaped relations between Morocco and Spain in the last few days”. According to the Polisario delegate, this is another step for a government that “Just understand the politics of pressure”.

Arabi has confirmed that the arrival of thousands of migrants to Ceuta shows the value Morocco attaches to human life. “practically absent”and has called on Spain and the EU to demand compliance with the commitments that have made it possible for the Alawite Kingdom to maintain them “large quantities” of money, including for immigration issues.

There has been little official information about Ghali’s health in the past few weeks, which, according to Arabi, follows “recover” Inside “complication” with which he arrived in Spain. The delegate emphasized that the health of the Saharawi leader is important “the only thing that worries”.

So wait that “Keep up your work” As soon as he is released and has pointed out the question of his possible departure from Spain, he has pointed it out for the time being “Nothing can stop you”to the extent that no precaution has been taken against him in any legal cases brought before the National Supreme Court.

The Santiago Pedraz National Court judge cited Ghali as investigating June 1, against whom he again admitted a complaint by the Saharawi Association for the Defense of Human Rights (ASADEDH) on Tuesday after verifying that he had actually occurred Spain with the false identity of Mohamed Bembatouche.

According to an official letter from the General Information Commission, the Polisario leader refused to sign the receipt of the subpoena, stating that it would take him several days to consult with people he could trust, and also requested that he be handed over to an Algerian doctor accompanying her Hospitalization. The police investigation concludes that it is likely that his recovery from the diseases caused by the coronavirus will be final by mid-May.

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