The Police of El Salvador receives order to transfer deputies to the Legislative Assembly

El presidente de El Salvador, Nayib Bukele

The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele – Camilo Freedman / ZUMA Wire / dpa – Archive

President Bukele has called an extraordinary session to approve a loan to finance a security campaign


Several opposition deputies have denounced that police officers have come to their homes to transfer them to the Legislative Assembly despite the fact that the body has rejected the convening of an extraordinary session raised by the Government of President Nayib Bukele. Many of them denounce that they are besieged in their homes in the middle of a “self-coup” by Bukele against Parliament.

The Police of El Salvador receives order to transfer deputies to the Legislative Assembly
The Police of El Salvador receives order to transfer deputies to the Legislative Assembly

The deputy of the Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA, right) Mauricio Ernesto Vargas has explained that security forces agents showed up at his house to tell him that they have a “verbal” resolution, but refused to accompany them. Other deputies such as René Portillo Cuadra, Patricia Valdivieso and Ricardo Godoy have also been visited by security forces, reports the Salvadoran press.

The spokeswoman for the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN, left), Nidia Díaz, has also confirmed that about twelve deputies of the formation are besieged in their homes.

Also the militants of the FMLN participating in the Extraordinary Convention that celebrates the party in San Salvador have denounced that in the surroundings of the sports center of San Marcos where they hold their meeting there are members of the Army deployed, supposedly to take the deputies of the FMLN for “the force “to the Legislative Assembly.

Bukele himself has defended the legality of the call with a message on Twitter. “The deputies will enter into constitutional contempt and their own regulation, but they attend the extraordinary session convened by the Council of Ministers,” he warned.

On the morning of this Sunday the president of the Legislative Assembly, Mario Ponce, decided to convene an extraordinary plenary session, but only 28 deputies attended. The call came after more than an hour of meeting with government representatives.


Last Thursday Bukele announced the convening of an extraordinary session of the Legislature to approve a loan of 109 million dollars (about 100 million euros) that promotes Phase III of the Territorial Control Plan, an initiative to improve internal security, but the deputies rejected the call in vote.

On Friday, the president ordered the security of the deputies of the Legislative Assembly provided by the Police to be removed and on Saturday he militarized the facilities of the Legislative Assembly. For this Sunday a “citizen concentration” convened by Bukele is invoked invoking article 87 of the Constitution on “insurrection” to pressure the deputies.

Said article stipulates that the people have the right to insurrection to restore the constitutional order altered by the transgression of the norms related to the form of government or to the political system established, or by serious violations of the rights enshrined in the Constitution.

The opposition of the left and the right – Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) and Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA), the two most important formations of Parliament – have refused to participate in the extraordinary session of the Legislative Assembly at the convocation of the Council of Ministers. ARENA has even called for an intervention from the international community “to prevent the breakdown of constitutional order in El Salvador and act to immediately suspend the process of self-coup currently in progress.”

However, the official Grand Alliance for National Unity (WINS) and the National Concertation Party (PCN) will support the credit. Of the 84 deputies of the Legislative Assembly, the ruling party only controls eleven, while ARENA is the first political force (37 deputies), followed by the FMLN (23 seats).

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