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The platform will thus increase its rates

August 18, 2020

The new costs will go into effect this week, according to Spotify.

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The platform will thus increase its ratesThe platform will thus increase its rates

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Due to the VAT that was levied on digital platforms on June 1st, we benefited from the increased costs for video-on-demand servers such as Netflix and possibly HBO Go. It is now announced that the music app will be available for the same reason Spotify The price of all premium packages in Mexico has also increased.

The new costs will go into effect this week, according to Spotify (over).

“The Mexican government has introduced sales tax on digital services. Starting today, August 17th, the monthly rate of the premium service includes sales tax of 16%.”

The immediacy When collecting VAT, this only applies to new subscribers. Those who already had an active subscription (one of the premium plans) can continue to pay the original monthly payment for the next two months. The new rate will apply to them from November 2020.

So are the new prices of Spotify in Mexico with an additional 16%:

  • University plan: 57.00 pesos per month (one account)
  • Individual plan: 115.00 pesos per month (one account)
  • Duo plan: Pesos 149.00 per month (two accounts)
  • Family plan: 179.00 pesos per month (up to six accounts)

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For now, Spotify was already the center of controversy this month after the CEO Daniel Ek It is declared insufficient for an artist to record music every three or four years when he expects higher income (this in connection with the dissatisfaction of several musicians with the royalties granted by the company). come on Here for the full note.

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