The platform of these two friends offers you everything for your wedding (even in the health crisis)

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  • Two friends, one idea.
  • The bridal industry, like many others, has changed.
  • Love remains, no matter what adversity the world presents.
The platform of these two friends offers you everything for your wedding (even in the health crisis)
The platform of these two friends offers you everything for your wedding (even in the health crisis)

How are weddings today? Do they still exist? Have they disappeared from the map or have they been transformed? These are some of the questions thousands of brides and even suppliers in the industry have asked amid the COVID-19 health crisis. María Teresa Carmona and Myrtha Herrera knew what to do at the right time in the huge wedding business in times of the pandemic.

You are the founders of Liitz, a digital gift table platform, and now an online ceremony organizer. A company that may not be unique, but knew how to make the best of it. They have even received awards for their innovation in the industry.

Courtesy of Liitz

An idea that grew and changed

It all started with being invited to a wedding and realizing how understaffed the gift tables were. “I have to give something cool or something that looks like the person. I don’t want to go into a store where there is a photo with a question mark on the product and it ends up being a spoon,” María Teresa said in an interview for in Spanish. “I mean, you want to give something to connect with.”

Then they realized the impracticability of the user side, both for the guests and for the couple. So the two partners set out to find a solution they had never found, and that’s how Lütz was born.

Before the pandemic, they already had digital invitations, a gift table, and even an expense for the honeymoon that, while not redundant, is a huge investment. “All in one” This is how Maria and Myrtha defined from the beginning. Plus, it’s free for users.

Image: Courtesy of Liitz

At the gift table at “Cuisine Art” the bride and groom will find furniture brands from Guadalajara, household products and even import companies. “We all have the top 10 gift tables.”

Since they came on the market in early 2019, grew an average of 15 percent per weekAs Maria mentions, the most important thing for Lütz is to connect with the user.

In times of crisis, ingenuity prevails

As Salman Rushdie would say: “All ideas, including sacred ones, have to adapt to new realities. “. When the pandemic began, the two partners received desperate messages from the couple and found a new need that would not have arisen without the health emergency. Many weddings had to be postponed or inevitably canceled. However, love goes on and the couples had the inevitable desire to unite their lives.

María and Myrtha listened to their customers’ needs and turned them into a business opportunity. “The truth is that a zoom wedding is boring, Permission has even been given in different parts of the world, but we think how do we do it creatively, it’s fun and has emotions … And we think that’s the most important thing. “

Image: Courtesy of Liitz

In this way they decided to help create a new wedding experience Drinks arriving at the door of the guest house, professional photographer from a distance and the invitations: a virtual ceremony face to face with the best.

As a natural process, technology has caught up with us. If you are unable to be physically in one place, it does not mean that you are not sharing such a special moment with loved ones. “We consider ourselves allies and it is the greatest reward there can be.”says Maria.

What is the future for weddings?

“20 percent of new users would never have thought of using a digital solution for their wedding if it wasn’t for a pandemic. So it’s a trend, ”adds the entrepreneur.

The future of virtual weddings remains uncertain until a vaccine is available. Until then, however, hybrid weddings will remain in fashion. “It’s a real problem paying a 20,000 peso ticket to Europe to join a link that can’t always be changed. Elderly people may not be able to attend major events for safety reasons. So, Why don’t they make it like this somehow? “.

Image: Courtesy of Liitz

The future for women entrepreneurs is very clear and extends all the way to Mexico and then Latin America.

“We will give the couple everything they need”, María Teresa Carmona.

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