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The Petro platform is reactivated and its price in the secondary market rises

May 13, 2020

On May 7, Cointelegraph Español reported the temporary suspension of the Petro platform for maintenance reasons for five days, according to the official notice from the official Venezuela crypto activity site.

Although the platform’s official statement on Twitter initially reported maintenance scheduled until Sunday, May 10, this was only the case The restoration of the portal was announced last Monday with some updates and improvements to the user interface.

Among the improvements shown by the platform specified in the official blog of the cryptoactive site, User registration and validation, login, and dashboard are referenced, which is a pretty explicit improvement over the previous version.

The Petro platform is reactivated and its price in the secondary market risesThe Petro platform is reactivated and its price in the secondary market rises

In addition, a PetroApp / PetroApp transaction finder and a minimum transaction amount are now included.

Likewise the Petro Calculadora, a portal dedicated exclusively to converting crypto assets with fiat currencies such as the euro, the US dollar or the yuan and other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and DASH. It also shows a new, more intuitive and faster interface.

On the other hand, users of PetroApp, the web and mobile application, have ensured that users of digital assets can exchange their Petro. You will need to update your Crypto Wallet address as indicated on the asset’s official page.

The procedure is simple and possible in four steps without complications.a, as can be seen from the portal’s official infographic, which serves as a guide for its users.

Rising price

The price of the Petro after several days of immobility on the secondary market due to the closure of its platform for maintenance reasons, It opened the week on the rise after the improvements and updates to its official portal were announced.

Although there are no official reports indicating an update on your blockchain, the truth is that The reference price for Antwerp coins, the stock exchange with the highest volume traded in Petro, saw significant growth of almost 30 percent.

The last reference price on the exchange before the platform was stopped last Wednesday was Bs. 1,694,000.00, as the exchange announced on its official Twitter account. At the time of writing this note, the exchange indicates that the price for the PTR / VES pair is Bs. 2,280,000.00. This last value corresponds to an increase in the local currency of up to + 25.70%.

On the official website of the Petro calculator The price of the asset has increased by 6.6% since the launch of the new website while the Patria platform saw the lowest rise in the day, as reported by the Morocotacoin portal.

Where if The price of the Maduro government’s assets does not appear to be changing. It is on the P2P Localbitcoins platform. This remains the average of the few offers available at the previous system maintenance rate.

For his part No offer available on the Hodl Hodl platform For the purchase or sale of the Petro, the option of the Cryptoactive for the PTR / VES and PTR / BTC pairs could not be visualized during the Cryptia exchange. However, a tweet in the official account of the exchange shows the temporary suspension for the maintenance of this asset within the platform.

At the end of this post, an attempt was made to contact the official channels to find out the date of the couple’s availability. No response has been received so far. This notice will be updated as soon as we receive the appropriate answers.

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