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The person responsible for the shooting at the Pensacola naval base would be a Saudi citizen, according to official sources

December 6, 2019

NEW YORK, Dec. 6 (Reuters / EP) –

The suspect of the shooting on Friday at a military base in Pensacola (Florida) would be a citizen of Saudi origin on a training mission, as confirmed by two anonymous sources from the Department of Defense to the Reuters agency.

Five other members of the Department of Defense have confirmed, also under anonymity, the same information to the CNN network.

The shooting, whose causes are still being investigated, has resulted in the death of three people. The attacker has also died from the shooting of security forces.

The incident began at 06.51 in the morning – 13.51 in Spain – and lasted for a few minutes until the person responsible for the shots was shot in a classroom of the facilities, as confirmed by the county sheriff from Escambia, David Morgan.