The Pentagon UFO program could release some results

Senator Marco Rubio wants to gather information about “unidentified aerial phenomena” at US military bases.

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The Pentagon UFO program could release some results
The Pentagon UFO program could release some results

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The senator Marco Rubio (Republican Florida) believes “the truth is out there” and wants to make it public.

According to lawmakers, there are unknown objects that fly over U.S. military bases that the government cannot explain. “We don’t know what it is, and it’s not ours,” he told CBS Miami earlier this month. Rubio, chair of the Select Intelligence Committee, is committed to the unclassified publication of results, including a detailed analysis of intelligence and FBI data, and possible threats from “unidentified aviation phenomena”, can help someone identify these mysterious visitors.

Contrary to the claim that the Pentagon has disbanded a covert UFO investigation program, The New York Times It has been shown that the ongoing efforts within the Office of Naval Intelligence are alive and well. Officials are silent about the program, which was released in a July Committee report describing the country’s intelligence spending.

A section on “Advanced Airborne Threats” describes the efforts of a Naval Intelligence Task Force to collect what it sees as an “unidentified aerial phenomenon”. However, the government seems less concerned with foreigners than illegal aliens. The team specifically looks for links to “hostile foreign governments” and threats that may affect the United States’ military assets and facilities.

“I would honestly say that if it is something from outside this planet, it could be better than the fact that we have seen some technological advances on behalf of the Chinese or the Russians or any other adversary that enable them to do this of action to perform the activity, “said Rubio in an interview with CBS.

In April, the Pentagon released shared images of UFO encounters taken by U.S. Navy fighter jets in 2004, 2014, and 2015. Theories and speculations abound: explanations about the entire range of drones. and software malfunctions due to human error and extraterrestrial spacecraft.

“The bottom line is that there are things that fly over the United States military bases and you don’t know what they are because they are not yours and may display technologies that are not available to you,” said Rubio. “For me, that’s a national security risk. And one that we should investigate. Maybe there is a completely boring explanation. But we have to find out.”

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