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The past, present and future of Ethereum will be discussed in a virtual meeting

August 18, 2020

Under the title “We talk about Ethereum, its history, present and future”Will organize #bslSeminar number 17 this Wednesday August 19th, a space organized by the Blockchain Summit Latam on its YouTube channel.

Cristóbal Pereira, Executive Director of the Blockchain Summit Latam, will lead the conversation, as is customary in these rooms. To address this particular topic, BSL presented 4 guests, including Sebastián Aldasoro from Ethereum Buenos Aires, Juan David Reyes from Ethereum Bogotá, JJ Campuzano from Lex Cryptographica and Camila Russo from The Defiant.

To assess this issue, we spoke to Pereira, who primarily emphasized the importance of Ethereum as “The second most important network in the global ecosystem after Bitcoin. In just 5 years of development it has proven to be an infrastructure that enables the development of applications or dApps and has introduced a new form of collective funding through ICOs. the evolution of the NFT or non-fungible tokens, the security tokens and now the last one from DeFi or Decentralized Finance”.

The past, present and future of Ethereum will be discussed in a virtual meetingThe past, present and future of Ethereum will be discussed in a virtual meeting

Regarding what they will speak to the guests, Pereira expressed that the story of Ethereum “In addition to the anecdotes that we will talk to Camila Russo about her book The Infinite Machine, it is necessary to know her as it will allow us to understand the current scenario of the network and also its future”.

To highlight topical issues, Blockchain Summit Director Latam mentioned that it was seen “That the network has collapsed a lot, with many points of criticism and an upgrade process towards 2.0, which its founder Vitalik mentioned, will take longer than expected and that it is difficult. Finally, he mentions: “Personally, however, I believe that this network has the potential to continue to grow and develop, and the aim is to provide the analysis and commentary of these major regional exponents on Ethereum.”.

If you are interested in this digital conversation, the appointment will be this Wednesday, August 19th at 6:30 p.m. (-4 UTC). You can join from the link below.

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