The parent company of OmiseGO changes its name to SYNQA

Omise Holdings, the Asian fintech company, changed its name to SYNQA.

“This new corporate identity is paving the way up to 2020 and strengthening its position as Conglomerate of companies that has a portfolio of companies and as a benchmark partner in Asia for all fintech and innovation issues, “said a statement by SYNQA on April 30.

OmiseGo conducted its ICO in 2017

Get Omise under Omise Holdings important means for OmiseGo, your payment solution, during the big cryptocurrency boom a few years ago. The company’s ICO took place in mid-2017 and increased approximately $ 25 million from the sale of OMG tokens, based on etherium.

The parent company of OmiseGO changes its name to SYNQA
The parent company of OmiseGO changes its name to SYNQA

At press time, OMG was overshadowed by its previous fame at $ 0.74, although at that time it was quoted at $ 25 per token.

SYNQA is the new brand

The latest announcement highlights a complete rebranding for Omise HoldingsThey shed light on their work with investors, entrepreneurs and other companies as well as the expansion of the financial technology space of the entire company.

“”I founded SYNQA to improve the way that People can interact each other with the better financial infrastructure“SYNQA founder and CEO Jun Hasegawa said in the statement:” I am pleased to unveil this new corporate identity and to share our position in Asia with the industry. “

The statement contained that the new nameand embodies the combination of words Synergy, synchronization, symbiosis, symmetry and searchthat express the company’s mission and general values. SYNQA is also translated as the Japanese term for evolutionThis is another description of the equipment.

Cointelegraph contacted OmiseGo for further details, but received no response at the time of printing. This article will be updated accordingly when a response is received.

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