The Papers: Fergie ‘fights for life’ and new prince photos

Image caption The Sun on Sunday leads on Sir Alex Ferguson’s emergency surgery for a brain haemorrhage. The former Manchester United football manager, 76, is understood to be in intensive care in Salford Royal Hospital following a seizure at home.

Image caption Manchester United’s much-loved former manager also dominates the front page of the Daily Star, while there are promises of baby Louis pictures inside.

Image caption “Football world in shock,” says the Sunday Mirror which joins many other papers in leading on Sir Alex’s emergency surgery on Saturday.

Image caption Sir Alex is also pictured on the front of the Sunday Times, alongside an article about a dramatic rise in knife crime in “the shires”. According to the latest Home Office figures, knife crime has risen by more than 100% in Hertfordshire, Hampshire and Warwickshire since 2014. In Norfolk, it has rocketed by 274%, the paper claims. The National Crime Agency claims the rises are fuelled by drugs gangs targeting new customers.

Image caption One week on and the home secretary is back on the front pages – but this time, it’s the latest incumbent Sajid Javid. The Mail on Sunday says two of Mr Javid’s uncles have been accused of running a ‘cash for visas’ scam. Khalid Abdul Hamid, 69 – who lives in Bristol – has strenuously denied the claims denouncing them as “absolutely lies” intended to smear Mr Javid. Mr Hamid said his late brother, Abdul Majeed, did arrange some student visas, but “never” cheated anyone. A spokeswoman for Mr Javid said he knew “absolutely nothing” about the claims.

Image caption There is more trouble for the Tories in the Sunday Telegraph, which leads with threats of “open revolt” from senior Brexiteers should the prime minister “steamroll their objections to her favoured plans for a customs deal”.

Image caption The Observer reveals that aides to Donald Trump hired Israeli private investigators to dig up dirt on key individuals in the Obama administration who were negotiating the Iran peace deal. The allegations come ahead of the 12 May deadline when President Trump will decide whether or not to withdraw from the international accord to curb development of Iran’s nuclear weapons.

Image caption Princess Charlotte is pictured kissing her new baby brother under the headline “A Kiss For My Little Prince” in the Sunday Express, which carries three pages of official photos of the new royal baby, Prince Louis, taken by his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Sir Alex Ferguson appears on most of Sunday’s newspapers, following his admission to hospital for emergency brain surgery. The Sun on Sunday reports the former Manchester United manager was “put into a coma with his family at his side”. Its headline sums up his condition as “Fergie Fights For Life”. The Sunday Mirror says “the football world is in shock” while The Sunday People echoes the sentiments of many on its back page which reads “Stay Strong, Big Man”.

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Image caption Sajid Javid became home secretary last week

The Mail on Sunday leads with a story it says could be embarrassing for the new home secretary. It has what it calls “explosive claims” that two of Sajid Javid’s uncles have been accused of having run a “cash for visas scam”. It alleges they took money from people in Pakistan, promising to obtain documents which didn’t materialise. One man tells the paper he sold his tractor to pay for a UK visa – but was told the papers were fake. The article adds that one of the uncles died seven years ago, and another – who lives in Bristol – has dismissed the allegations as “lies”. There is no reported link to the home secretary and sources close to Mr Javid have told BBC News that he had no knowledge of the alleged business.

The Observer’s top story is a claim that Donald Trump’s aides hired an Israeli private intelligence agency to run what it calls a “dirty ops” campaign against individuals in the Obama administration. It says the targets were the key negotiators who worked on the Iran nuclear deal. Mr Trump has given a deadline of next week to either scrap or continue with the international deal limiting Iran’s nuclear programme. The former foreign secretary Jack Straw calls the allegations “extraordinary and appalling”. An unnamed source tells the paper that if the people making the deal could be discredited, it would be easier to pull out of it.

The Papers: Fergie ‘fights for life’ and new prince photos
The Papers: Fergie ‘fights for life’ and new prince photos

The Sunday Telegraph also has a front page story on the Iran nuclear deal. It carries a warning from the Israeli ambassador to the UK, Mark Regev, not to trust Iran’s pledges that it will limit its nuclear activity. The business website Bloomberg reports that Rudy Giuliani – one of President Trump’s legal team – has suggested America will pull out of the agreement.

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Millennials – that’s people born between the early 1980s and late 1990s – are shunning sex in record numbers, according to research covered by The Sunday Times. One in eight 26-year-olds said they were virgins, which is a sharp increase on previous generations, when it was closer to one in 20. The paper says, though some may be “tempted to snigger”, sex therapists are warning of a deeper problem. One tells the paper that millennials have been brought up in a “culture of hypersexuality” which has bred a “fear of intimacy” because they fear they won’t live up to the images to which they have been exposed.

Finally, a cute royal picture gets prominent coverage across the board. The Sunday Express devotes its entire front page to a photo of three-year-old Princess Charlotte holding her new baby brother, Prince Louis, with her lips pressed to his forehead. It adds that the picture was taken by their mother, the Duchess of Cambridge. The Sunday Mirror describes it as “a big kiss from a big sis”, and The Sunday Times is among the eagle-eyed who have spotted that the princess is wearing a hand-me-down jumper, as worn by Prince George in 2016.

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