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The Papers: Brexit Britain ‘more racist’ says UN

May 11, 2018

Image caption A UN inspector has claimed Britain has become a more racist country as a result of Brexit and Theresa May’s immigration policies, the Times reports. Tendayi Achiume said hate crimes had risen since the EU referendum, and anti-migrant rhetoric had become “normalised”, even among high-ranking civil servants.

Image caption The Guardian says Ms Achiume spent 11 days in the UK investigating the impact of Brexit on racial equality. She said there had been a “Brexit-related” growth in “explicit racial, ethnic and religious intolerance”.

Image caption The Daily Express front page is devoted to investigations into historical allegations against former British soldiers and paratroopers serving during the Northern Ireland Troubles. The paper calls a government decision not to offer British soldiers amnesty a “betrayal”.

Image caption WHSmith has been criticised by the head of the NHS England, after it was revealed tubes of toothpaste were being sold in one of its hospital concessions for £8, the Daily Telegraph reports. The store has apologised for what it called a “pricing error”. Proceeds from the toothpaste will go to charity.

Image caption The world’s largest private equity real estate manager has been “muscling into Britain’s social housing market”, according to the FT Weekend. US company Blackstone owns a 90% stake in Sage Housing – a “for profit” social housing provider – which has been outbidding non-profit housing associations for affordable homes.

Image caption The Daily Mirror features a picture of Prince Philip after recently undergoing hip surgery, with the Queen. The paper applauds the devotion of the couple after 70 years together, and says they are an example to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are getting married next week.

Image caption The Daily Mail’s front page leads on its campaign to reduce plastic pollution across the UK. The story says 13,000 volunteers have joined a three-day drive to clean up streets and green spaces.

Image caption TV’s Paul O’Grady claimed he got rid of his television after a series of health scares in an interview in the Daily Star. The paper reports the Radio 2 host “revealed he saved his own life by quitting watching the box”.

“UK ‘more racist’ after Brexit” is the headline on the front of the Times. The paper is among many that report on comments made by the UN’s special rapporteur on racism, Tendayi Achiume, who said “anti-foreigner rhetoric” had become “normalised” in the UK since the EU referendum.

The paper says Ms Achiume also criticised the government’s immigration policies, which she said created a “hostile environment for all racial and ethnic communities.”

The Sun says Ms Achiume is “clueless” and accuses her of peddling “slurs” not backed up with evidence. The Daily Mail says her “insulting” remarks were received with “fury” by Number 10, which said the government had made “great progress” in making racial equality a reality.

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The Papers: Brexit Britain ‘more racist’ says UNThe Papers: Brexit Britain ‘more racist’ says UN

In an interview with the Guardian, the former Tory attorney general Dominic Grieve says Theresa May should sack Boris Johnson because of his interventions in the Brexit debate. Mr Grieve criticises what he describes as Mr Johnson’s “tendency to express himself” by making speeches which contradict policies being developed by his colleagues. He accuses Mr Johnson of undermining “democratic governance”. “If you don’t like a policy, you leave the government,” says Mr Grieve.

As Iraqis go to the polls, the Telegraph prints a dispatch from the old city of Mosul, which remains in ruins a year after being “liberated” from the Islamic State group. Josie Ensor writes accounts of relatives who regularly return to the city in the hope of recovering the remains of their loves ones. New bodies continue to be found daily, she says, but much of money donated towards the city’s reconstruction has “simply disappeared” amid accusations of corruption.

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The Daily Mail and the German newspaper Der Spiegel have obtained details of the vast sums of money paid to some of England’s top footballers. Der Spiegel says excerpts from a new book show the Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang can expect a loyalty bonus of more than £15m if he fulfils the terms of his contact – on top of his weekly salary of £198,000. The Mail says Manchester United have agreed to pay their forward, Alexis Sanchez, £75,000 for every game he starts – in addition to his weekly pay of £391,000.

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Many of the papers print photos of the Duke of Edinburgh during his fist public appearance since his hip operation. “PHIL-good factor” is how the Mirror sums up his return to the limelight. The paper says a “beaming” Queen seemed delighted to see her husband back on his feet when they attended the Royal Windsor Horse Show. The Daily Express says Royal sources have suggested it’s likely he will be fit enough to attend the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle next week.

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