The pandemic report is now published weekly

The Under Secretary of State for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, said changes in the communication strategy about the virus are being made.

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The pandemic report is now published weekly
The pandemic report is now published weekly

Reports of the status of the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico are no longer generated daily and become weekly presentations. This was reported by the Under Secretary of State for Prevention and Health Promotion. Hugo López-Gatell Ramírezat a press conference.

The person responsible for the national strategy against the spread of the SARSCov2 corona virus in Mexico indicated that the presentations will contain the same elements, but not every 24 hours.

At his daily press conference at the National Palace on July 5, López-Gatell assured that important data such as accumulated cases, the “very unfortunate deaths” and people who have recovered from the city continue to be reported COVID-19.

The technical report contains everything you’ve seen so far, and we’ll continue to present it here. They are also plotted so that we can identify these three sets “weekly”, the specialist said.

The Ministry of Health’s technical statement will also be available on its website.

Secretary of State Hugo López-Gatell pointed out that some dates are presented weekly and that the “epidemiological weeks” will start on Sunday and end on Saturday. We are in week 28, according to the Under Secretary of State for Health.

“The following week we will add week 26, the following week week 27, so we will be two weeks behind, depending on what happens, but we will always present everything,” said the official. “If we have it a week and not a day, we can compress the information and display it comprehensively. We see from week 10, when the first cases occurred, to week 26. Today, Sunday, July 5th, we start week 28. What we see on each track is the incidence per week. “

On June 5, Mexico registered 30,639 deaths from COVID-19.

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