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The pandemic in Mexico could continue until April 2021

July 7, 2020

Hugo López-Gatell warns that we could experience a rebound in COVID-19 together with influenza.

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The pandemic in Mexico could continue until April 2021The pandemic in Mexico could continue until April 2021

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The arrival of the influenza season in the fall and a likely recovery of coronavirus infections with the colder climate of that time could prolong the virus epidemic in Mexico until April, said Hugo López, Under-Secretary of State for Health in the country on Monday. Gatell.

Health officials have announced that the epidemic will continue in the country for a long time, but they have not predicted their behavior and have repeatedly delayed the prediction of the peak or its completion.


“The flu season begins in October and There are some reasonable assumptions that we could also have an increase in COVID-19 associated with influenza. during the fall-winter season, “Hugo López-Gatell, Under Secretary of State for Health, told Radio Fórmula.

The officer replied that it was “correct” to ask a question whether he was talking about the March epidemic and found that “until March-April next year“”

Mexico has nearly 257,000 coronavirus cases and more than 30,600 virus-related deaths in fifth place with the most deaths in the worldAccording to a Reuters count.