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The others accuse Trump in the ‘impeachment’ of “cheating and working to hide it” and call him “dictator”

January 25, 2020

MADRID, 25 Jan. –

Democratic congressmen or 'managers' appointed by the House of Representatives of the United States to exercise the accusation in the impeachment against the US president, Donald Trump, have accused him this Friday of “cheating and working hard to hide it “and they have called him” dictator. ”

This has been expressed during the fourth session of the political trial, in which the 'prosecutors' Democrats have submitted their allegations for the third and final day. It is expected that from this Saturday it will be Trump's legal team that presents its arguments, also for 24 hours spread over three days.

The others accuse Trump in the ‘impeachment’ of “cheating and working to hide it” and call him “dictator”The others accuse Trump in the ‘impeachment’ of “cheating and working to hide it” and call him “dictator”

Democratic Congressman Hakeem Jeffries has said that “there is a toxic disaster at number 1,600 of Pennsylvania Avenue (the White House address) and I humbly suggest that our collective work on behalf of the American people be cleaned up.”

“President Trump tried to deceive. He was caught and then worked hard to hide it,” the congressman has settled in New York.

For his part, the 'prosecutor' Jerry Nadler, head of the Judicial Commission of the House of Representatives, has called the president president “dictator” and has specified that “he wants to be almighty,” according to the CNN television network.

“If he is not removed from office, if he is allowed to challenge Congress completely, categorically, to say that the citations of Congress in the investigation of political trial are meaningless, then we will have lost, the House of Representatives will have lost and the Senate he will certainly have lost all power to hold any president accountable, “Nadler warned.

On the other hand, Congressman Adam Schiff, the head of the Intelligence Commission of the US House of Representatives, has reiterated the request for a “fair trial”, referring to the Republican reluctance to allow the declaration of witnesses and the provision of documents in the framework of the 'impeachment'.

“Give the United States a fair trial,” Schiff asked, adding that “this is not a parking ticket.” “There is no case of shoplifting. It is a matter of major crimes and misdemeanors,” he has settled. “Just for the president and just for the American people,” he added.

Schiff also referred to Trump's legal team and said he anticipates that they will argue that the US president's call to his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelenski, on July 25 was “perfect,” something Trump has frequently repeated.

“They will hear that the call was perfect. The call was perfect,” continued the 'prosecutor' who, however, has justified that the lawyers will defend it “because the president insists that they do so.”

“I don't think they really want to have to make that argument … but they have a client to represent and that's why they will make the argument of the call was perfect,” he said, while mentioning Trump's rejection of the hypothesis. of the 'quid pro quo' or exchange of favors that, according to the Democrats, did exist with Ukraine to force Kiev to launch an investigation into Hunter Biden, the son of former US vice president Joe Biden.


In this regard, the 'prosecutor' Val Demings has also expressed his opinion that Trump has shaken the order he gave to current and former White House employees not to collaborate with the Democrats in providing testimonies and documents in the framework of the 'impeachment'.

“Following the orders of President Trump, the Office of the Vice President, the Office of Administration and Budget, the State Department, the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense have refused to provide a single document or record in response to 71 specific requests , including five citations, “criticized the congresswoman.

In addition, the leader of the Democratic minority in the United States Senate, Chuck Schumer, has again asked Republicans to vote with Democrats on Friday for the presentation of witnesses and documents at the political trial.

The reluctance of the Republican senators to allow the declaration of various witnesses in the context of the political trial, as well as the contribution of documents, is marking the process against Trump.

Schumer introduced a series of amendments to the regulation proposed by the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, in order to summon witnesses and provide documents in the process. All were rejected.

At least 51 senators, a simple majority, must vote in favor of citing witnesses and providing documents. Therefore, four Republican senators would have to join the 47 Democrats in order for the motion to pass.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said Friday that the President's Administration expects the political trial to end at the end of next week.

Trump also complained this Friday about the start date of his legal team's allegations. “It seems that my lawyers will be forced to start on Saturday, what is called a valley of death on television,” he said through his Twitter account.

Trump's legal team has met at the White House every day since the trial began. While the president has visited the World Economic Forum in Davos, he has been informed by telephone. However, now that he is back, he participates directly in the meetings.


The political trial is chaired by the president of the United States Supreme Court, John Roberts, and the seven deputies appointed by the House of Representatives will act as 'prosecutors' in a process in which all senators must act as jurors, regardless of the party in which they militate.

The impeachment process encompasses the investigation and voting in the House of Representatives, where Trump was officially disapproved in December, thus becoming the third censored US president, and the political trial in the Upper House, in which, to date , no president has become dismissed.

The process began following a complaint filed by an intelligence officer who considered that Trump's call to Zelenski on July 25 was an attempt to pressure him to force him to open an investigation into the Biden, paralyzing until then the delivery of more 300 million dollars of military aid to Kiev and postponing the invitation for a meeting at the White House.

Trump maintains that he is the victim of a “witch hunt” and that his call was “perfect”, despite the contradictions that have been observed in the Government since the complaint of the anonymous official for the alleged campaign of pressure on Ukraine.

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