The origin of the comic that many have read but no one accepts

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The origin of the comic that many have read but no one accepts
The origin of the comic that many have read but no one accepts

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I was walking the streets of Iztapalapa looking for The cowboy book. There were journalists who looked at me strangely when I asked about him. Many assured them that it no longer reached them. After a while I thought I wasn’t going to find it until I found a great position.

Inside were boxes of sweets that coexisted in a sort of Churrigueresque harmony with old but well-preserved magazines and newspapers. Then I saw her. Next to packets of enchilada gums was a pile of thin books with colored envelopes. A name immediately jumped into my eyes: The cowboy book.

They were past copies, but in perfect condition. Each costs only $ 5.00. I bought six and started flipping through them. It wasn’t the pornographic and indecent books he’d heard about, but comics that were set in the Wild West at the end of the 19th century.

The history of The cowboy book

In the late 1970s Rafael Marquez, CEO of Editorial newsspoke to the writer of radio soap operas Mario de la Torre. Rafael wanted a story whose plot is based on the love story between a woman and a cowboy.

De la Torre accepted and introduced the director days later Gallows bundle. A group of bandits attacked a train with large amounts of gold. However, the manager tried to resist and was gunned down. In the middle of this nightmare, the story was drawn between Mariana, the deceased’s daughter, and the shooter Tom Stacey, who would do anything to avenge the death of the father of the woman he loved.

Finally, On November 23, 1978, the first edition was offered for sale. In addition, it was the first Mexican cartoon with a pocket size (13 × 15.5 cm). It was also renamed to The cowboy book and due to its low cost, practicality, and the short time it took to read, it began to gain popularity among Mexicans.

The 80s came and with it, The cowboy book has reached the peak of success. In this golden age The circulation was 1.5 million copies per week. However, over time and because of the sensuality of its covers, the comic gained a bad rap. “Well-mannered” people referred to him disparagingly.

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The cowboy book renewed, an effort to justify it

After more than two decades, the direction of this popular cartoon changed. And is that so? On December 31, 2002, Novedades Editores closed its doors. So later The cowboy book became part of the HEVI Editores.

From then on, an effort began to justify itself The cowboy book. So it was decided that the screenwriters were writers recognized for “the quality of their narration”. So this popular graphic novel would be supported by established characters.

One of the first titles on this new stage was The law and opium under the authorship of Jordi Soler, Illustrations of Pegasus and Fernando Varela With Elvira Liceaga as editors.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that even in our days The cowboy book It remains one of the most widely read books in our country – if not the most widely read, and this is important to mention without resorting to major promotional efforts.

Although we as Mexicans must dare to break down the prejudices that surround this comic book universe and give it a chance, we can certainly understand it if we do.

Image: Unknown about Mexico

A cartoon that is part of popular Mexican culture

It is undeniable over time The cowboy book became a measure of popular culture. It wasn’t uncommon for people, especially men, on public transport or other places to read Old West stories that contained a lot of sensuality, but without ever becoming explicit sex. The idea was to leave some parts of the reader’s imagination. Nevertheless, the sentence “Mexicans read no more than The cowboy book“.

In this comic, however, the work of skilled screenwriters, cartoonists, and other collaborators who make each episode combines lovable copies and remarkable wisdom. Now tell us what you think about The cowboy book?

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