The opposition accuses the president of “undermining” efforts to secure “peaceful” elections in Somalia

Opposition candidates for the Somali presidency have re-indicted the country’s President, Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed, after the recent failed talks to resolve the crisis, and accused him of “undermining” the election prevention process. “Peaceful”.

In a joint statement, opponents have pointed out that the president, popularly known as “Farmajo”, “is undermining efforts to secure exclusive and peaceful elections” in order to extend his term of office, which ended in February.

They therefore said that he “canceled” an election crisis meeting in February and then tried to persuade parliament to “extend his mandate,” which he failed to achieve because “the parliamentarians’ opposition to the constitution was trampled on was on.”

The opposition accuses the president of “undermining” efforts to secure “peaceful” elections in Somalia
The opposition accuses the president of “undermining” efforts to secure “peaceful” elections in Somalia

“It disrupted the preliminary meetings between the states’ heads of state and government as they tried to agree on the agenda for the talks on the elections, as well as the efforts of the international community to clarify the positions between the incumbent prime minister and the incumbent prime minister bring. ” Presidents of the federal states. “You denounced.

For this reason, they have stressed that the opponents united in the Council of Presidential Candidates are telling the Somali people and the international community that the former president is responsible if talks fail and should be held accountable, “the Somali news portal reported. Guardian .

The statement was released following a new allegation between the government and several regions against the president following the collapse of talks held in the capital Mogadishu on Wednesday to try to find a solution to the serious political crisis the country is facing by.

The lack of progress came after the international community urged the parties to “settle their differences” in order to reach an agreement that paved the way for “credible” and “peaceful” elections to be held amid increased contacts and opposition to rapprochement Positions levels together.

The opposition has asked to deal with the application of the September agreement on the formation of the electoral committee – the current composition of which they oppose – as well as with aspects of the security of the process, changes in the management of the army and the police and a ‘Farmajo’ obligation to limit their powers.

They also called on the president to leave power in late February because his term ended without elections and they accused him of “not wanting to hold free and fair elections” before reiterating his call for an investigation into the repression. the February 19 protests in which ten people died.

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