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The ‘Open Arms’ leaves Lampedusa to go to a port of Sicily

August 21, 2019


The 'Open Arms' has left this Wednesday the commercial port of Lampedusa in which disembarked the 83 migrants and refugees who were still on board and headed towards a port in Sicily under the order issued by the prosecutor of Agrigento, according to informs the agency AdnKronos.

Although initially it was planned that the rescue boat would go to the port of Licata, where there are two other NGO ships captured by the Italian authorities, it will finally go to the port of Porto Empedocle.

The Prosecutor's Office of Agrigento (Sicily) on Tuesday ordered the provisional kidnapping of the 'Open Arms' and the landing of the dozens of migrants and refugees still on board, hours after Prosecutor Luigi Patronaggio examined the conditions of the Spanish NGO ship . Patronaggio considered this measure necessary because of the conditions in which migrants are.

The preventive kidnapping of the 'Open Arms' is due to the investigation of kidnapping of people that had been opened based on the complaint made by the Spanish NGO before the refusal of the Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, to allow the landing of those rescued in Italy .

In addition, another investigation for omission and refusal of ex officio acts against members of the Administration has also been opened, without any responsible being identified for now, according to the Italian press.

Francesco Cascio, the Lampedusa doctor who has examined migrants after landing with three other colleagues, said Wednesday that “they are all well.” “It has been five very difficult days and full of tension and bitterness,” he acknowledged, ensuring that it has been one of the “most intense” experiences of his life.