The one arrested for the attack by Halle confesses the crime and his anti-Semitic motivation


The man arrested as alleged author of the attack that ended Wednesday with the lives of two people near a synagogue in the German town of Halle has confessed to the crime and admitted his anti-Semitic and far-right motivation, as DPA has learned.

German police on Thursday registered a home in the town of Benndorf, near Eisleben and about 40 kilometers east of Halle, where the author of the attack lived.

The one arrested for the attack by Halle confesses the crime and his anti-Semitic motivation
The one arrested for the attack by Halle confesses the crime and his anti-Semitic motivation

In addition to the registration in the house in Benndorf, the Police also took a vehicle in Landsdorf, where there were shots shortly after the initial attack in Halle. According to prosecutors, who have assumed the case, evidence was found in the residence.

The alleged perpetrator of the attack has been identified as Stephan B. A spokesman for the Prosecutor's Office in Karlsruhe said Thursday that the suspect, who was arrested shortly after the shooting, was not subject to the attention of the authorities as a far-right radical and He is trying to determine if he had accomplices in his performance.

Federal prosecutors opt for an ultra-right and anti-Semitic crime, as the assailant tried to attack a synagogue. “He planned to kill people,” said one investigator, although he failed to fully realize his plans. In this regard, prosecutors are working on murder charges and attempted murder.

At the moment there are no details on the status of the 27-year-old detainee, who was apparently injured when he was arrested after being involved in a traffic accident while fleeing in a stolen car south of Halle. His friends and family are being investigated, according to the researchers.

The attacker apparently tried to enter a synagogue, where about 50 people commemorated Yom Kippur, the main Jewish holiday. After the attack failed, he allegedly killed a woman in front of the synagogue and a man in a kebab establishment, and wounded two others.

At all times he was recording his acts with a camera installed in his helmet. All events were broadcast live on the Internet. The videos were apparently viewed more than 2,000 times before being removed. Despite this, presumably there would be private copies that would be circulating.

During the recording, he can be heard shouting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and criticizing feminism. In addition, a document has appeared on the Internet that, according to Rita Katz, director of SITE Intelligence Group, appears to be a manifesto by Stephan B.

The document includes images of weapons and states that its mission is to “kill as many” anti-whites “as possible, preferably Jews,” Katz explained in his Twitter account.

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