The Ombudsman of Bolivia says that the eight dead in Senkata were by guns

Marcha de partidarios de Morales desde Senkata a La Paz

March of supporters of Morales from Senkata to La Paz – REUTERS / MARCO BELLO


The eight people killed on Tuesday in the framework of the security operation to unlock the Senkata hydrocarbons plant, in the vicinity of La Paz, died from “projectile impact by firearm,” the Bolivian Ombudsman reported Thursday , which has committed to follow up on the investigation opened by the Public Ministry.

The Ombudsman of Bolivia says that the eight dead in Senkata were by guns
The Ombudsman of Bolivia says that the eight dead in Senkata were by guns

As explained by the agency in a statement, its owner, Nadia Cruz, has been present at the autopsies of the eight deceased along with staff of the Ombudsman, after having talked with relatives of the victims and convinced them to have the exams forensics

“The Ombudsman pledged to ensure that due process is guaranteed and that families achieve justice for these deaths,” said the agency, which has also pledged to try to facilitate “pacification” in the country.

Meanwhile, from the YPBF plant in Senkata, in the city of El Alto, a massive march has started towards La Paz and that some of the victims' coffin open. During their progress, the participants are shouting for justice and have labeled the self-proclaimed interim president, Jeanine Áñez, as “Page Seven”.

The Deputy Minister of Public Safety, Wilson Santamaría, has assured that the Government of Jeanine Áñez will “guarantee its route through all the arteries”. “We trust that vandalism will not be generated, we understand the hard situation that exists because it really is tense what there is,” he added, according to the state agency ABI.

Likewise, Santamaría has invited those who participate in the march, mostly supporters of former President Evo Morales and members of indigenous communities, to the dialogue. “We will attend the dialogue, where they say, when they say, with those who are available even with small radical sectors that want to promote terror in the city of El Alto,” he said.

“What we want is justice. I ask for my brother and for all the dead we have at the moment. I am very sorry. I do not know where to go, because in all our ministries the scourge of the Government of Añez is already inside,” he told Europe Press Carlos Blanco, relative of one of the deceased, during Wednesday's wake.

Senkata was blocked last week by followers of Morales, which caused a serious shortage of fuel in the city of La Paz, located about twenty kilometers away. This Tuesday, a device made up of hundreds of police and military officers showed up at the scene and secured the exit of some 40 tank trucks from the plant. Shortly after, clashes occurred between the security forces and the protesters, which resulted in eight deaths.

“My brother used to go out to work every day. The military killed him on the way to his job. The military of the Army of this de facto government, coup. Who has come to kill people. They are slaughtering us with the latest technology weapons. Armament sent by the United States, “Blanco denounced.

“All the alterations are distressed by the attitude that these neoliberals have. Massacreing the poor people. Massacreing the humble people. Massacreing the people who are not armed,” said Severo Ochoa, brother-in-law of one of the dead. “We ask the prison for Áñez and for Defense Minister Arturo Murillo, who is his accomplice. He is a liar,” he said.

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