The Obrador fish insists that Spain must “apologize” for the “abuses” of the conquest


The Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has insisted this Friday that Spain must “apologize” for the “abuses” committed during the conquest of America, indicating that it should not be considered a “controversial” issue, but a step in favor of “reconciliation.”

“When I sent some letters for this purpose there was a lot of controversy. We are not touching this issue now, but it does not mean that we forget it, because we consider that they are moments for reconciliation and that forgiveness should be requested for the abuses that were committed during the invasion , in this case the conquest “, said López Obrador in the daily press conference.

The Obrador fish insists that Spain must “apologize” for the “abuses” of the conquest
The Obrador fish insists that Spain must “apologize” for the “abuses” of the conquest

López Obrador has referred to the letters he sent to King Felipe VI and Pope Francis last March to apologize for “the violations of what is now known as Human Rights.” “The so-called conquest was made with the sword and with the cross,” he said in a video recorded in the archaeological zone of Comalcaco.

AMLO, as the Mexican press has christened it, has considered this Friday that, in general, we must “apologize for all the invasions, for the repression of the original communities and peoples.” In this regard, he has been willing to “do the same” for “the extermination that meant the treatment of the Yakis during the Porfiriato” and for “the murder of thousands of Chinese citizens.”

“It doesn't affect us in anything that we act like this to the nations,” he defended. “These are issues that can generate controversy but should not be hidden. Why forget our history?”, He asked, saying “talk about the interpretation that each country has of these events”: “What does conquest mean to a Spaniard, what does it mean? it means for a Mexican and why not agree and, in the end, reconciliation. ”

He also recalled that, “with all due respect,” the Government has requested “that the excommunication of the parents of our country be reconsidered.” “If it was given or if it did not happen, touch the subject,” he commented, without giving details.

In any case, he stressed that “now” does not want to “open the debate” on these issues, postponing the issue to 2021, when Mexico celebrates the bicentennial of its independence. “We will have time to treat it,” he said.

At the time, the Government of Spain regretted that it had made public the letter that López Obrador sent to Felipe VI on March 1, whose content he rejected “with all firmness”.

For the Pedro Sánchez Executive, “the arrival 500 years ago of the Spaniards to the current Mexican lands cannot be judged in light of contemporary considerations.”

“Our brother peoples have always been able to read our shared past without anger and with a constructive perspective, as free peoples with a common heritage and an extraordinary projection,” said Moncloa.

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