The OAS recommends holding a second round in Bolivia if Morales wins by just over ten points

Bolivian President Evo Morales votes for reelection – REUTERS / UESLEI MARCELINO


The Electoral Observation Mission (MOE) in Bolivia of the Organization of American States (OAS) has recommended this Wednesday that a second round of the presidential elections that took place on Sunday be held, even if the current president, Evo Morales, wins by ten percentage points, which according to Bolivian law would give him the automatic victory, due to the “high tension” climate in the country.

“In the event that, after the (electoral) calculation, the margin of difference is greater than 10 percent, it is statistically reasonable to conclude that it will be for a very small percentage. Due to the context and the five problems evidenced in this electoral process, it would continue being a better option to call a second round, “he told the MOE in his preliminary report.

The OAS recommends holding a second round in Bolivia if Morales wins by just over ten points
The OAS recommends holding a second round in Bolivia if Morales wins by just over ten points

The Transmission of Preliminary Electoral Results (TREP) currently grants Morales 46.49 percent of the votes against 37.01 of the opposition candidate Carlos Mesa, which shows a difference of 9.48 percentage points, to the edge of the ten established by Bolivian law as a minimum difference to declare victory in the first round.

The MOE has identified how these “five problems” of the electoral process “the climate of polarization, the distrust of the arbitrator of the electoral process and the lack of transparency of their actions, as well as the inequality in the contest and the adjustment of the outcome of the elections, “all of which” has generated high political and social tension. ”

The regional organization has recalled that “every election must be governed by the principles of certainty, legality, transparency, fairness, independence and impartiality”, denouncing that “several of these principles have been violated by different causes throughout this electoral process.”

In addition, it has drawn attention to the fact that “every election result must provide the possibility of being appealable” and has expressed “serious doubts about whether in this process there are guarantees to be able to appeal acts and results by the electoral authority” .

Thus, he has urged the electoral authorities to “finalize the final calculation quickly,” noting that at this time not only has not ended but is suspended in Chuquisaca and Potosí.


Morales has proclaimed his electoral victory on Wednesday, saying that he is “almost certain” that with the scrutiny of the votes of the rural areas he will achieve re-election, from which right now only a handful of ballots are separated.

He has also denounced that “a coup d'etat is in process” by the “right with international support”. “So far we have endured and endured with patience to avoid violence,” he warned.

However, Mesa suspects that the sudden suspension of the TREP is due to an alleged attempt by the Government to rig the official results to give victory to Morales. Therefore, on Monday he called on his people to stay in a “democratic mobilization.”

Opposition sectors have gathered around Mesa and demand a second round – which would be the first balojate in 17 years – to overcome the electoral crisis.

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