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The number of deaths from fires in Australia rises to 12

January 1, 2020


Australian police forces have confirmed on Wednesday the death of three people due to the fires that ravage the south of the country, which brings the death toll to 12, including three volunteers from extinction tasks.

This was announced in statements to the media collected by the local press the Deputy Commissioner of the New South Wales Police Force, Gary Worboys, who has also noted the disappearance of the resident in a house destroyed by fire in the lake area Console it.

The number of deaths from fires in Australia rises to 12The number of deaths from fires in Australia rises to 12

“Today we have the three deaths. Police have confirmed in Yatte Yattah, a body found in a vehicle there, near Lake Conjola. One in Sussex Inlet, a body in a vehicle. And ambulance officers have alerted us to a body that they have located, “said Worboys, according to the Australian press.

Regarding the balance sheet on the south coast, he explained that three emergency operations centers operate locally on the coast and “do everything possible” for people who are displaced to the beaches but “there is no wand magic “to solve the solution” in the short term “.

Meanwhile, RFS Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers confirmed the destruction of 176 houses, 89 only in Conjola Park, 40 in Malua Bay and 15 in Rosedale, as well as other places, as local newspaper Sunday Morning Herald collects.

In total, there are already twelve killed by fires throughout Australia, more than four million hectares calcined and about 200 homes destroyed, although these are temporary estimates, as a hundred outbreaks are still active and are still missing.

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