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The (not so secret) keys to dealing with work stress

May 1, 2020

Follow an expert’s instructions to prevent stress from spreading throughout your business.

José María Martínez Selva was a professor of psychobiology at the University of Murcia in Spain. The book was published in 2004 Work stress: Guide for employers and employees made it a benchmark across Latin America. Not only because he can explain the topic in simple words, but because he suggests techniques and habits that help to tackle and reduce the problem in concrete terms.

The (not so secret) keys to dealing with work stressThe (not so secret) keys to dealing with work stress

An example: Time management at work. “It’s not so much about getting organized to do better,” he says. “But when we have free time, we can be happier. When we’re very busy, we don’t have time to think about important things, and everyone should take time to meditate on what’s important and what’s not. ” This ultimately leads to a happy person who works better.

Discover in the words of Dr. Martínez Selva, how you can understand and control stress in your company.

What is stress?

It is a balance between two things. The changes, demands and demands that are coming to us. And then the effort we make to adapt. If we adapt well, there is no stress. If the resources we provide do not work or are ineffective and the situation persists or is very intense, psychologists would call this stress.

Find out what is causing it

Stress can arise from a variety of factors. Nevertheless, doctors and specialists can find the causes, which range from physical conditions (the person or work) to problems in the organization, the workload, the professional level or the correspondence (or lack thereof). ) between what the person wants to do and what they actually do.

Other factors have to do with the conflict or lack of roles that leave the employee uncertain about what to expect. And also in the case of interpersonal conflicts (inside or outside the company). The first thing you should know is what happens to you: when you are more tired than normal, when you are not sleeping, when your head hurts or when you are more sensitive than usual.

Learn to cope with it

After analyzing the causes, it is advisable to follow a few recommendations: reducing the workload, taking into account new forms of organization and time management, and examining attitudes towards employment.

For example, Key that you can “separate” in your free hours or rest periods. When stress arises from interpersonal conflicts, you need to work on social communication and self-control skills. It is also important to build a social support network and speak to people you trust. Other techniques that help are relaxation and the introduction of habits that improve your health and consequently your quality of life.

But not only that. Rest and sleep are very important to feel good during the day and to perform not only at work but also in social life. In order to interact with others, it is very important to rest. And most people don’t rest well. According to surveys, almost two thirds of the population report having had a sleep problem in the past year.

Manage stress in your company

You can control the stress in your company by increasing job satisfaction. How does it work? Seven practical tips:

1) Improve working conditions (especially physical ones).

2) Acknowledging the achievements of individuals and teams.

3) Improve personal relationships between employees and discourage potential conflicts.

4) Facilitate participation.

5) Assess the competencies and goals of each person or area in a professional manner.

6) Create professional career plans.

7) Increase motivation through good internal communication, in addition to serious compensation and compensation plans.

Negative impact on the company

Although dealing directly with employees is helpful, “emergencies” often occur in companies with less professional structures (a faulty key machine or an urgent order). If executives are unfamiliar with crisis management techniques or are too authoritarian, reality can lead the entire organization to disaster.

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