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The NHRI figures 3,557 injured in demonstrations in Chile

December 21, 2019


The National Institute of Human Rights (NHRI) of Chile has totaled 3,557 on Friday the total number of people injured in the mobilizations registered in the country since October 17.

This has been revealed in a statement made public through his Twitter account, in which he has added data on people who have suffered eye injuries, gunshot wounds and tear gas injuries.

The NHRI figures 3,557 injured in demonstrations in Chile
The NHRI figures 3,557 injured in demonstrations in Chile

Specifically, a total of 359 people have been injured in the eyes, 336 have suffered injury or trauma and 23 the outbreak or loss of the organ, according to the data, which come from “initial” medical diagnoses, said the NHRI.

On the other hand, 2,040 people have been shot. By bullet shots, 51 people; of pelín, 185; by pellets, 1,605; and by unidentified projectiles, 199 people. In addition, 223 people have been injured by the use of tear gas.

In addition, the NHRI report has specified the total “violations” reported by the protesters, which have been estimated at 1,496. Of these, 207 are for sexual violence; 392 for torture and “other cruel treatment”; 853 for excessive use of force during detention; and 44 correspond to “other violations.”

The protests in Chile have already fulfilled more than two months, after the citizens decided to go out to the streets before the fourth rise in the price of the subway. They were joined by groups that in turn claimed social and labor improvements, as well as education and health.

Although they have lowered their intensity in the early days, where there have been 20 deaths and thousands of wounded and detained after clashes with the police, actions on the street persist, generating temporary closures of metro stations and transport delays public.

After the fruitless first measures to repress the demonstrations using the security forces, the president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, has now tried to count on the support of the different political forces of the country to reform the Constitution and accommodate the largest number of claims of all social and community forces.

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