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The Next About Digital Leaders will have a new issue via streaming and it’s completely free

September 12, 2020

IEBS Digital School, together with IEBS Executive, presents The Next About Digital Leaders, a unique online event on digital leadership and exponential technologies in Spanish, in which the current leading experts in the industry will be represented. The appointment will take place on September 24th, is free and informative and will be streamed from the official website of the event.

In the new economic, social, and technological context, there is a need for digital leaders who are able to understand and make the changes businesses need. On this day, visionary digital leaders will ponder the futuristic, technological, innovative, and humanistic skills to create a future of abundance. In addition, they will share their vision of these skills and how they managed to become reference digital leaders.

Learn more about the leading companies of the future

One of the goals of The Next About Digital Leaders is to help participants learn more about the companies and leaders of the future. In particular, participants can learn how different organizations apply technology. At the same time, they learn to lead change projects and at the same time think about leadership and company organization.

The Next About Digital Leaders will have a new issue via streaming and it’s completely freeThe Next About Digital Leaders will have a new issue via streaming and it’s completely free

The presentations will deal with topics that are just as relevant today as the impact of the pandemic on the digital transformation of companies, personal branding in networks, the future of work, blockchain, big data and communication in times of recovery.

Mankind is at a historic moment in which digitization has accelerated exponentially. Companies have been exposed and survival depends on their ability to reformulate strategies and processes for true digital transformation.

The event will take place on September 24th via streaming. It starts with a first block of experts in Spain starting at 4:00 p.m. in Spain (9:00 a.m. from Mexico City) and a second block of experts from Mexico starting at 12:00 p.m. in Spain (5:00 p.m.) in Mexico City).

Who are the digital leaders?

We currently believe that digitizing companies is a fundamental task for their development. But who are the real players in change in the digital age? The IEBS Digital School organized the event The Next About Digital Leaders together with IEBS.

The aim of the conference was to bring together people who are responsible for managing people and influencing the decisions and results of an organization that focuses on adapting to digital change. Continuous training with a high level of personal security, decision-making ability and conflict resolution are characteristics that lead to better experiences.

In the digital economy, Digital Leaders has established itself as a reference point for reflection and debate about how the leaders of the future must be to lead the digital transformation of their organizations.

The virtual event features presentations from experts dealing with technology implementation and digital transformation projects in large international companies. In this sense, the protagonists will be at the level of Rubén Calvo, Corporate Development Director at Antevenio. Beatriz Remón, Chief Digital Officer at IBM Director of Developers Ecosystem; Héctor Robles, founder of Honest Strategy; Pedro Baños, analyst, author and speaker on geopolitics, strategy, security, terrorism and others; Guilianna Aguilar, e-commerce manager; Jorge Alor, Founder and CEO of BNN; Anabel López Méndez, Corporate Communications at Netflix Latam; and Néstor Márquez, Top Voice Linkedin.

The congress has already been held with great success in Madrid, Barcelona and Mexico to inspire people and to discuss the future of organizations and their new leaders.

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