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The new Tipbot uses cryptocurrencies to create incentives to answer questions

May 27, 2020

With a new type of cryptocurrency tipbot, users can pay others to answer their questions on social media. This offers a new tool for collecting data in the ecosystem.

CCTip’s Liser Lee told Cointelegraph that the system can help promote engagement or generate expert commentary. It allows users to create a survey on Twitter and automatically pay anyone who shares it with cryptocurrencies, giving a survey more attention and responses. The company also checks whether the system pays respondents instead.

In addition to Twitter, CCTip will also work with Telegram, Discord, WeChat and Reddit. It supports 200 different crypto assets, including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), Tron (TRX) and many tokens based on Ethereum. Tron’s founder Justin Sun. thanked public to the company when it added support for TRX in early April.

The new Tipbot uses cryptocurrencies to create incentives to answer questionsThe new Tipbot uses cryptocurrencies to create incentives to answer questions

Lee told Cointelegraph that using a cryptocurrency system is more effective than traditional systems when interacting with cryptocurrency enthusiasts. He noted that members of the crypto community can just be happy that their favorite crypto asset is being used in the real world:

“When you pay BCH to a BCH enthusiast, they’re happy that BCH is being used.”

In addition, the company launched the CCTip Ask feature last week that allows users to ask a question to any Twitter user. Lee redesigned the system on May 18 ask to main developer Bitcoin ABC Amaury Sechet if you believe that the value of Bitcoin Cash can exceed the value of Bitcoin. Sechet received BCH 0.5 (approximately $ 114 at the time of going to print) for answering the Twitter question about the system. Lee commented:

“”[CCTip Ask es] An effective way to get a celebrity to answer your question. If you ask a good question, answering the question is a great way to express your opinion. And it will draw the attention of more users. “

The use of cryptocurrencies in social media tipbots

With cryptocurrencies, anyone can instantly send a payment to others without having to share confidential information. With this feature, crypto assets fit perfectly into social media tips, as many users of these platforms prefer to keep the pseudonym or otherwise protect their privacy.

Because of this synergy, there is a lot of development in the crypto space. As Cointelegraph recently reported, blockchain company Aeternity recently launched its own social media monetization tool that supports tipping in the form of Aeternity’s home currency, AE.

The ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrency regulation often continues to threaten companies operating in space, including Tipbot services. In mid-May, XRP TipBot, a service that allows users to share XRP with each other through comments on Twitter, Reddit, and Discord, saved the closure of their operations due to new regulations by working with the payment platform. Maintain digitally.

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