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The new season of “Billions” started with an attack on a Bitcoin mining company

May 5, 2020

Showtime released the first episode of the fifth season of the financial drama series “Billions”, which started with an attack on a Bitcoin mining company..

The new season is based on the life of former New York District Attorney Preet Bharara. started on May 3 with a conspiracy centered around a group of cryptocurrency miners operating an illegal Bitcoin (BTC) farm.

Over the past few seasons, the world of equity markets and litigation has been discussed with hedge fund managers at Wall Stree.t. Cryptocurrency fans may find the new episode more familiar.

The discussion about the intrinsic value of Bitcoin

The new season of “Billions” started with an attack on a Bitcoin mining companyThe new season of “Billions” started with an attack on a Bitcoin mining company

Chuck Rhoades, the New York attorney general in the drama series, questioned the leader of the illegal Bitcoin mining farm about the dismantling of the organization.

Chuck asked him the following:

“So your multitude of computers and servers could solve some abstract mathematical equations that led to Bitcoin mining? Worth millions at the moment, wow! But is it supported by what? Nothing. “

The miner answered with another question: “How has the dollar been supported since we left the gold standard?”

Reactions from the crypto community

The first episode of The new billion-dollar season has been the subject of community debates on social networks. Many have shared the video clip of the above survey scene thousands of times on social media.

One of those who mentioned the episode was Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binancewho forwarded the scene on his official Twitter account with the hashtag # adoption.

The Simpsons also touched the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in one episode that aired in February.

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