The NEM symbol update has a release date

In a statement released this weekend, the NEM Foundation announced the final date for the release of the MainNet Symbol update on their network. Finally, It will be on December 17th when the MainNet launch opens to the public.

The statement states that the team was “cautiously optimistic” to back up the data and mentions this They worked to find a solution that would meet NEM’s needs and that would really improve scalability and security.

As already mentioned at Cointelegraph, there are four in the symbol update in the works. On this occasion we were able to speak to Pedro Gutierrez, a board member of the NEM Foundation, who told us that this update was a change in the blockchain space due to “that no other platform can offer users the same benefits with a chain optimized for enterprise takeover with the unique capabilities of plugins and extensions, and without the security risks inherent in full chains”.

The NEM symbol update has a release date
The NEM symbol update has a release date

Despite the fact that the statement explicitly mentions that they are “urgently pushing for the 2020 start date to be met,” the same statement said There is a possibility of delays.

As a warning, they mention that if they find a problem on the test network that requires a restart, A three month delay in project plans may be required. They also state that the entire opt-in process is subject to tests and reviews, which can also delay the system if an error occurs.

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