The mysterious downtime of Poloniex leads to frustration in the community

The cryptocurrency exchange, Poloniex saw an unscheduled decline on April 24 before trading resumed all pairs except GRIN / BTC.

Poloniex announced in a tweet What The exchange had to stop due to an unexpected problem. Interestingly, the exchange warns users of this No intends to resume trading the Grin (GRIN) / Bitcoin (BTC) pair, which is apparently the root of the malfunction.

Poloniex resumed operations before going into maintenance mode an hour later. Once trading resumed, be advertising said:

“All markets except GRIN / BTC are now enabled for full trading. Our initial maintenance related to today’s GRIN / BTC maintenance. After that we had problems with one of our service providers. We will provide an update as soon as everything is resolved.”

The mysterious downtime of Poloniex leads to frustration in the community
The mysterious downtime of Poloniex leads to frustration in the community

So far, Poloniex has not responded to Cointelegraph’s press request.

Community shows frustration

Some Twitter users asked Poloniex how to withdraw their Grin shares from the platform.and apparently showed fear that the purse’s grin wallet would be compromised. Still, it seems unlikely that a cybercriminal will empty the exchange’s grin wallet considering that only the GRIN / BTC trading pair has been suspended while GRIN / USDT trading continues as usual.

In addition, many Twitter users were frustrated with the unscheduled maintenance, with some pointing out that it was malicious. A Twitter user commented:

“It is always the case that maintenance always takes place when BTC is moving. Since then it has lost enough [el] The market declined and he wanted to shorten my length. I will never use this page again for my operations. “

Unscheduled maintenance is not too rare when exchanging cryptocurrencies. This is partly because the space is young and the infrastructure is still under development. As Cointelegraph reported in February, Binance also encountered a number of performance issues and stopped trading for unscheduled maintenance on February 19 and again in early March.

At that time was the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao declined technical assistance from the rival stock exchange CEO OKEx, Jay Hao, and blocked it on Twitter. Later that month, OKEx informed its users only a few hours in advance before being serviced in the face of significant market volatility.

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